Advocate Flea Control for Dogs

Fleas are definitely a nuisance when they attack your dog. There are so many medications for flea control but how do you know that you have the best flea medication for your dog?

Advocate flea control is a very effective treatment for fleas. The manufacturer of Advocate flea control is Bayer so you can be sure on the effectiveness and safety of the product. Advocate is considered to be a breakthrough in the management of the parasites in dogs, whether inside or outside the body.

What Advocate Flea Control Does

  • Advocate for dogs can treat the parasitic infections that already exist.
  • Aside from the treatment benefit, this drug can also serve as a protection for your dog. You only have to apply it once and the effect will last for one month. It functions as a constant treatment for your dog.
  • With the use of Advocate for dogs, you will also prevent other new infections that can possibly occur.

So if you are looking for the most convenient way to guard your dog from fleas, you may want to consider Advocate. This is the only spot-on product that can manage fleas and at the same time, control heartworm and intestinal worms in dogs.

This means that you can have peace of mind that those parasites will not be able to harm your pet.

Benefits of Advocate

Imidacloprid is the component that is contained in Advocate. This spreads fast on your pet and it can kill as much as 98% of the adult fleas in just a span of 8 hours. Aside from this, Imidacloprid controls the larva in the surroundings areas of your dog. This will reduce dermatitis caused by flea.

After you apply Advocate, Moxidectin goes into the bloodstream of your pet. Monthly application of this will help prevent heartworm in dogs.

The reason why Advocate is the leading brand in flea prevention and cure is that it is very effective in combating all kinds of larva, immature and adult stages of hookworms and roundworms. This will assure you that your pet is protected from any contamination from the surroundings. Reinfection and reinfestation can also be prevented.

Advocate can also prevent ear mites. Only one application is needed for eradication of the ear mites.

There is a skin condition in dogs called demodex. This is a severe skin condition. However, this can be treated with the use of Advocate. Apply monthly up to 2 months or 4 months on your dog to cure this skin mite.

Sarcoptic mange can be eliminated with the use of Advocate. Only a single dose is necessary to kill the parasite.

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of Advocate, it is up to you if you want to use this or not. However, when you decide to buy medication for your dog, always ensure that you are purchasing a quality branded product with safety certifications.

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