Anti-Gulping Dog Bowls

There are some dogs that eat and drink very fast...too fast!

They try to gulp everything down as fast as they possibly can, and gobble up the food like a vacuum cleaner! Dogs will often swallow without even chewing or as we like to say "letting it touch the sides". This can cause your dog to vomit, get bloated or suffer from indigestion.

This is where anti-gulping dog bowls can help!

With anti-gulping dog bowls, your dog will be able to eat slower, without even knowing it. As a result, the nutrients in the food will be absorbed better through digestion. Dogs sometimes tend to be coprophagic when they are not getting the right amount of nutrients.

This can be avoided if your dog has an anti-gulping bowl to eat from. If you have an overweight or obese dog, an anti-gulping bowl can even aid in weight management.

Below you'll see a selection of anti-gulping dog bowls available on Amazon. They are available in 'Mini' and 'Jumbo' sizes so whether you've got a small or large dog, there's one to suit. Currently they are available in blue, white and pink - very stylish!

How do these bowls work?

The Eat Better bowl is a popular choice and has a wishbone design at it's centre. There are three cleverly positioned apexes with connecting ridges which help to prevent your dog from eating up everything all at once. This barrier also prevents your dogs from inhaling the food, rather than swallowing it. It's simple but very effective!

Why are these bowls so great?

When your dog eats at a slower pace, he will feel fuller and more satisfied, and will as a result have a slightly reduced appetite, which is natural. This is a good management tool for obese dogs and underweight dogs as well.

Dogs that eat too fast tend to vomit or regurgitate the food that they eat. With the help of Eat Better anti-gulping bowls, the eating process is controlled at a regular pace and regurgitation will be reduced, and often prevented altogether.

Introducing the Eat Better and Drink Better dog bowls!

Eat Better bowls are made from a high quality K-resin plastic that is safe for dishwashers. This ergonomic design and non-slip surface is suited to any home that has a dog.

Aside from eating fast, dogs also tend to drink fast. As a result, they can choke and regurgitate the water after drinking. Many dogs drink water too quickly, and these problems are common amongst both large and small dogs. If you have a Drink Better bowl, your dog will slow down its drinking naturally, without choking or regurgitation.

The Drink Better bowl's wishbone design has an opening in the middle. This is where the water passes through. Water flows out in controlled amounts and the rest of the water is covered so that the ears and muzzles of your dog will not get soaking wet. A welcome solution to an age old problem for most dog owners!

The Drink Better bowl will keep your dog's ears dry. There will be no mess from your pet's sloppy drinking. The water stain on your dog's muzzle will be reduced when you invest in a bowl designed to slow down your dog's drinking!

Choosing the right bowl for your dog is very important for the animal's health and well-being. It is important to foster a healthy eating and drinking habit for your dog, and it is also important to keep the feeding bowl clean to avoid diseases.

Not only will your dog be able to eat and drink at a more manageable pace, the Eat Better and Drink Better anti-gulping dog bowls are also designed to look good too!

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