Bamboo Dog Bowls

What do you look for in a dog bowl? We're guessing you want a dog bowl that's tough, long-lasting, easy for your dog to eat from and easy to clean. But you might also be looking for a safe, sustainable bowl that won't shed potentially toxic particles, as plastic bowls can. The answer? Bamboo dog bowls!

What is a bamboo dog bowl?

Forget environmentally damaging plastic or heavy metal bowls. If you're looking for a sustainable dog bowl made from natural materials, bamboo dog bowls are ideal. They're as strong as a plastic bowl but break down naturally if they're thrown away - without leaving environmentally-damaging particles behind.

Bamboo dog bowls are sustainably made, durable and waterproof, so ideal for water or meals. When it comes to cleaning time, you can usually just pop them in the dishwasher, so they're very convenient too.

Choosing the right bamboo dog bowl

Colour and pattern

You might think that all bamboo dog bowls are beige or green. Not so! There are plenty of colours and patterns to pick from. For instance, if you pick a Beco bamboo dog bowl, you (or your dog!) can choose from blue, navy, grey, teal, pink or natural colours, or opt for a wave pattern or funky geometric design.

Style and size

Simple, standard bamboo dog bowls are readily available, but you can also get slow feeder bowls in bamboo. Think about your dog's height and muzzle size so that you pick a bowl from which they can eat or drink in comfort. For taller dogs, you might want to consider a bamboo elevated dog bowl, and bamboo dog bowl stands like the FEANDREA Bamboo Elevated Bowl Stand, which holds two bowls.

Brand and features

Bamboo dog bowls are available from an increasing number of manufacturers including Beco Pets, Pet Impact and Simply Pets. Many have extra features you or your dog might find useful, such as a non-slip base, a lid or a carabiner clip, and some can be collapsed for easy transport. Collapsible bamboo dog bowls are very useful for long walks and holidays.

Read reviews to find out which brands and bowls get the thumbs-up from your fellow dog owners.

Our winner for best bamboo dog bowl

This is a growing market, with lots of choice. But the bamboo dog bowl we love most right now is the Pet Impact Slow Feeder Bamboo Dog Bowl. It's made of corn starch and sustainable, durable, naturally antibacterial bamboo, with no dangerous melamine binders.

Eating too quickly can contribute to a wide range of issues including choking and bloating. This slow feeder bamboo dog bowl is designed with internal, curved dividers. This causes your dog to eat more slowly, and it makes mealtimes more mentally stimulating.

Reviewers love the sturdiness of this bowl, its effective non-slip base, and its ability to make doggie mealtimes calmer! They like the Amazon price, too, along with free delivery (in plastic-free packaging, of course!).

Frequently asked questions

Are bamboo dog bowls safe?

Yes. Some plastics can leach particles into food and water, but not bamboo! Bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties, making bamboo dog bowls more hygienic. However, always check the materials list: some older bamboo bowls contained melamine as a binder, which is potentially toxic and can leach into bowl contents.

Are bamboo dog bowls dishwasher safe?

Usually, yes, but always check the product information to verify this before buying. Follow washing instructions carefully to keep the bowl in good condition.

Why is bamboo so eco-friendly?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, so harvested bamboo is quickly replaced. It's also very easy to grow, with no need for chemicals to help it along, and as a natural material, it's fully biodegradable. These factors make it super sustainable!

Good for your dog and good for the planet

The planet certainly needs our help right now, and by purchasing a bamboo dog bowl, you'll know you and your pooch are being planet friendly. You won't have to worry about Fido's bowl shedding potentially dangerous particles into his food or water, either.

To view a wide variety of bamboo dog bowls and reviews before you buy, simply search on Amazon. Bamboo dog bowls are also sold by other online pet accessory retailers and stores, including Pets at Home.

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