Bling for Dogs

To help make your dog stylish and fashionable, a bit of dog bling is always a fantastic solution! There's plenty of trendy bling accessories for dogs, giving your pooch the opportunity to be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Bling Dog Leads

Bling dog leads come in a huge of super-cool, colourful and bright designs. Bling dog leads will often feature diamonds, stones and polished metals for a real stand-out look. Perhaps the most popular sparkly bling dog leads are made from pink leather.

Bling Dog Collars

Today, traditional dog collars are being replaced by something that is a somewhat fancier. You will see in pet shops that there are various designs of dog collars which can be made from a range of materials such as nylon, leather, suede, metal, and fabric. Different designs can suit different dogs depending on the taste of the owners as well. Whatever design you want, you can surely match it to your dog. There are patterns of dog collars like polka dots, mink, bone or even Victorian designs.

Some collars even contain a GPS so that you can locate your dog wherever it goes. Collars can also be lit so that you can see your dog at night. There are bling dog collars that can be personalized. If you want a beautiful collar with the names of your pet, with small beads, you can simply order and personalize online. Other options for bling dog collars are diamante, diamond and reflective steel.

Bling Dog Clothes

Not only can you accessories your dog with bling, you can also buy bling dog clothes. Often in bright colours, fancy material, offbeat designs and featuring diamonds, diamantes or stones, bling dog clothes are seriously trendy.

You can of course dress your dog for special occasions with the huge range of bling on the market. If you have a male dog, there are bling dog clothes with a macho design and something a little more feminine for female canines. Coats, hoodies, camouflages, sweaters, t-shirts, and even shorts are all available in a bling style.

For female dogs, you can dress them with fur coats, sweaters, hoodies, and skirts. They will surely look good in those. You can also design your own dog clothes online.

Bling Dog Accessories

Make sure that your best friend stands out like a star. There are dog charms that you can add to your dog's outfit to make it look fabulous. You can add a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes of your dog. Not only humans need protection from the UV rays, but dogs as well!

Collar charms are easy to add and they will surely make your dog look more stylish that the rest of the neighbourhood. There is also bling fashion jewellery available for dogs such as necklaces and hair pins. These come in glittering designs.

A bit of brightly coloured bling for your dog will help to add a little extra style. Whether it's a diamond collar or a diamante dog harness, there's a huge selection out there. Just be sure that your dog is comfortable and that your bling dog accessories are a good fit!

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