Celebrating the Olympics with Your Dog

With London 2012 just around the corner, it's the perfect time to get into the Olympic mood. Here at Loving Your Pet, we'll be celebrating the Olympics

with our cats and dogs - so why don't you do the same. Here is our essential guide to celebrating the Olympics with your pets!

Olympic Dog Toys

We all did it for the Diamond Jubilee, so why not for the Olympics too? There's a plethora of Olympic-related odds and sodds on sale at the moment. Our particular favourite at the moment is this Olympic Meerkat Dog Toy. It's a super-cute, Olympic-themed dog toy that will keep your canine friend entertained for hours!

This Olympic meerkat dog toy is availble as a runner, boxer, swimmer or judo-er! Each wears it's own outfit particular to their Olympic sport. It's the perfect toy for your dog to enjoy during the Olympics.

Create a Doggy Olympic Event (or two...!)

You might find that watching the Olympics inspires you into undertaking some physical exertion...perhaps! Whilst there's no point trying to run the 200 metres in under 19 seconds, it's a great opportunity to get some exercise with your dog.

It's easy to celebrate the Olympics with your dog in the great outdoors. All it takes is some imagination and motivation. Why not set up a few canine versions of your favourite Olympic events? Do you think you can beat your dog to the gold medal position?

Whether it's in your back garden, in your lounge, in the woods or on the beach...you can easily create your own Olympic events. Here are some ideas:

  • High jump - simply set up some cardboard boxes in the middle of the room and tempt your dog to jump over them towards you by waving his favourite toy in the air!
  • Marathon - simply take your dog for a jog. Whilst you might not fancy the full 26 miles, any distance is acceptable!
  • Javelin - just a simple version of fetch with a stick! See how far you can throw it and beat your previous personal best. Your dog can play the part of an Olympic official by returning the stick to you!
  • Long jump - if you can get to a beach, simply mark out the line to jump from and measure how far you can launch yourself through the air. Encourage your dog to do the same and use footprints to determine the winner!

It's easy to make your own 'Dog Olympics' - just use your imagination! You can always take it to the next level and use some dog agility obstacles or even make your own podium for the medal ceremony...

As the buzz of the Olympics approaches, there's bound to be some specially Olympic themed dog agility days at events in your local area.

Olympic Dog Treats

If, like us, you are going to be watching some of the Olympics, there's a good chance you'll be sitting on the sofa with a snack waiting for your favourite event to start.

Your dog will probably fancy a nibble too - the Olympics is as good an excuse to give your dog a treat as any! We've cunningly spotted these (Good Boy) Go for Gold Munchy Medals Dog Treats on Amazon.

Each bag contains 4 medal shaped dog treats, each depicting stars and denoting 'winner' in true Olympic style. Not only are they tasty, but also help to promote your dog's dental health. They are nice and cheap and will keep your dog happy whilst you both wait for the 100m final to start!

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