Choosing a Dog Bed

Choosing the right dog bed for your dog or puppy will help ensure that he or she has the utmost of comfort! There is nothing happier than a dog with a comfortable bed.

When choosing a dog bed, there can often be more consideration that might first meet the eye. This article will help you choose the right dog bed. So here goes...

Dog Bed Varieties

There is a huge variety of dog beds out there to choose from. Different shapes, sizes, features, materials and colours can make for quite a decision!

Firstly, you must choose a dog bed at the right size. Small dogs will need small beds, and larger dogs will need larger dog beds, obviously! Allow for some extra room, so your dog has extra space to stretch those legs out!

If you buy a bed at a size to suit a puppy, be aware that it will be a lot bigger than fully grown. You will either need to choose a larger dog bed to accommodate this, or buy a bigger one as your puppy grows.

Choosing Size and Shapes

If your dog will be sleeping in a slightly limited area like a kennel or crate, make sure the bed you choose will fit. Many pet owners go for 'corner' dog beds which can save space.

Choosing the Right Material for a Dog Bed

Many pet owners choose wooden or wicker dog beds, only to find out that their dog likes to have a good chew on it! If this is the case, a more hard-wearing plastic dog bed can be much more suitable.

We often recommend a washable dog bed which can often just be popped into the washing machine for a good clean. Alternatively, if the dog bed you like isn't machine washable, make sure the bedding is. Both are sure to allow you to remove that doggy smell from a well used bed!

Older dogs, or dogs with orthopaedic or joint problems may need a softer bed or bedding to ensure there is no unnecessary extra stress on their bodies.

Choosing Dog Bedding

As well as choosing a dog bed, you will need to also choose bedding to ensure your dog is warm and comfortable. Long haired dogs can often naturally be warmer than short haired dogs, so may need less bedding.

A dog bedding made of fleecy material can often be warm, but you could also choose harder wearing suede or denim based materials.

Choosing a dog bed is a very important process. Remember, a comfy dog goes some way to having a happy dog!

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