Cocoon Dog Beds

Many dogs love to curl themselves up into small, cosy, warm spaces when it's time for a nap. Does this describe your dog? If so, and if they could talk, they would probably ask you to buy them a cocoon dog bed!

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What is a cocoon dog bed?

Cocoon dog beds are enclosed rather than open. They tend to fall into two categories:

  • A dog sleeping bag style bed, with a flexible roof or top layer that your dog can wiggle under
  • A cocoon dog cave bed style, with a more structured, raised roof, shaped like a tent or an igloo.

Some are made from self-warming materials to help keep your dog extra snuggly.

The benefits of a cocoon dog bed

Dogs have a natural instinct to find an enclosed place to snuggle down in. Being surrounded by warmth and soft surfaces reminds them of cuddling up to their mum and their siblings, and so it makes them feel secure.

A cocoon dog cave bed can be especially helpful for dogs who whine or cry in the night, or who struggle to settle down to sleep. It can also help to calm dogs who are stressed or anxious. The extra warmth and draught protection they provide is ideal for dogs who suffer from stiffness or painful joints.

Choosing the right cocoon dog bed

Whether your pooch prefers their cocoon dog bed large and roomy or small and snug, you'll find one that suits them. However, to make sure they fit inside, check the bed dimensions carefully, and follow any instructions provided on how to measure your dog.

If your dog suffers from arthritis or joint issues when they get up from a nap, consider buying them a model made with self-warming materials, as extra warmth may help ease their pain and stiffness.

There's a wide choice of cocoon dog beds available from manufacturers, including Comfort and Buster beds. To choose the right one for you and your dog, pick your favourite colour and style, then look for the features you want, such as a non-slip base, a removable inner cushion or a cover that can be washed in your washing machine. Read reviews to see what other dog owners say about ease of use and durability etc. to narrow down your shortlist.

Our Top Cocoon Dog Bed

We've checked out the beds available in the UK at the moment, and we think the best cocoon dog bed available is the Csatai Washable Cashmere Dog Cocoon Bed.

Made with high-quality, eco-friendly materials, this deluxe cocoon dog bed is super snuggly and warm. The outer is made from durable, thick suede while the lining is luxuriously deep, soft warm lambskin, with a plump cotton filling.

Available in coffee or dark grey, this dog bed is as stylish as it is practical. The 'cocoon' section is detachable and can be machine washed, making it easy to keep it clean, so you'll love it as much as your dog does!

Reviewers love this bed because their dogs love it, enjoying lying on the comfy deep base and snuggling underneath the cocoon! Just one thing to be aware of: while it's described as large, it's only suitable for breeds up to medium size.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cocoon Dog Beds

How do I wash my dog bed?

This depends on the model - there's no hard and fast rule. Many cocoon dog beds are wholly or partly machine washable, and some have a detachable hood, cushion or both to make cleaning easier. Follow the washing instructions carefully to keep the bed in shape and intact.

What other beds might be suitable for my dog?

If your dog has sensory issues or shows signs of stress or anxiety, you might like to consider calming dog beds too, which are usually donut shaped with thick, furry walls. This can provide that snuggled-in, secure feeling for dogs that aren't keen on having a 'roof'. A memory foam dog bed is a good option if your dog suffers with joint stiffness or pain, as it can provide extra comfort and support.

Where can I buy a cocoon dog bed?

You can buy a cocoon dog cave bed from a variety of pet superstores and websites, including Pets at Home, some general household stores, and online retailers such as Amazon.

Wherever you decide to buy from, it's wise to visit the Amazon site first to see the wide selection of models available and read a good range of reviews. Just search for cocoon dog beds or dog cave beds.

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