Dog Collar Cameras

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See things through your dog's eyes!

Have you wondered where your dog likes to explore? What do they do when you aren't looking? Just clip this compact camera to your dog's collar to find out more...

This super cool dog collar camera will let you track your dog's adventures and find out what they really do when you have your back turned!

  • Photo intervals of 1, 5 and 15 minutes - it's your choice!
  • High resolution images so you can make great 4" x 6" prints
  • Camera is compatible with PC and Apple Mac computers
  • Built-in memory for holding up to 40 photos
  • Cable included to connect the camera to your computer (USB)
  • Includes rechargeable battery

We have chosen to tell you about only one particular dog collar camera - our paws-down favourite! The 'Pet's Eye View' camera made by Uncle Milton, has a USB connection which allows you to transfer the photos taken by the camera onto your computer - bow-wow!

It is a light and compact camera which attaches easily to your dog's collar. It won't be too much of annoyance for your dog. The batteries are rechargeable so you won't need to buy more all of the time!

This dog collar camera will hold over 30 photographs, which will give you plenty of snaps to flick through. You can even set the camera to take doggy photos at different intervals - smart!

Why choose this dog collar camera?

This dog camera is by far the best we can find online and in our experience it is just brilliant fun. The collar-attached camera will let you see what your dog does when you aren't at home, and the ins and outs of your dog's favourite bushes for sniffing in when out on a walk!

By the way, these pet's eye view cameras are also suitable for cats, so if you also have cats, have a look at our Cat Collar Camera page!

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