Dog Cooling Vests

With recent record-breaking high temperatures, our summers seem to be getting hotter and hotter. But our dogs really struggle in the heat. Their bodies aren't well-equipped to keep them cool, making them highly susceptible to heatstroke. Puppies are particularly prone, and as our summer temperatures soar, this may be a real worry for you. A dog cooling vest is a great choice for helping to keep your dog safe and cool in the hot summer months.

What is a dog cooling vest?

Very simply: a vest your dog wears to keep them cool! There are two main types:

'Wet' cooling vests

These vests are soaked in cold water and then gently wrung out to remove excess water (unless you want your pooch to water the garden for you!). They use specially designed fabrics in three layers, so that water is retained and then gradually allowed to evaporate, cooling down your dog. Perfect for a hot summer day in the garden.

'Dry' cooling vests

These dog vests still use water and textile technology, but there's an internal hollow layer you fill with cold water. Dry dog cooling vests don't have a damp exterior, so they may be preferable when your dog is feeling the heat indoors.

Other features

Some have anti-UV properties to protect your dog's skin, some are machine washable and others are made of fluorescent or reflective material (handy for making your dog easier to spot during summer evening walks when the heat of the day has gone!).

Choosing the right cooling vest for your dog

There are dozens of vests to choose from, made by companies such as Ancol, Kurgo and Ruffwear. How do you choose the right cooling vest for your dog?

  • Consider the features you need, such as whether it is machine washable.
  • Ensure that the material is soft and comfortable for your dog to wear.
  • Many brands offer a range of sizes, so even if you have a Great Dane, there's an extra-large dog cooling vest to fit them! Measure your dog and read fitting guides and dimensions carefully.
  • Read dog cooling vest reviews to see what other owners say. Is your chosen vest easy to use and fit? Does it stay in place?

Our pick: best dog cooling vest overall

To keep your canine super cool, we recommend the Amazon bestseller Ancol Cooling Dog Vest Coat. It's a great price on Amazon with free delivery and is described by one reviewer as "possibly the best thing I have bought for my dog!".

So why do we think it's the best dog cooling vest?

  • It only needs to be soaked in cold water for one minute then wrung out. The process can be repeated as often as necessary.
  • It will keep your dog cool but not wet - as water evaporates from the vest, it will cool your dog's skin.
  • It's comfortable, lightweight, antibacterial and machine washable.
  • Many reviews mention how quick and easy it is to put on - even on wrigglers - and the sturdy Velcro straps provide good adjustment and a secure fit.
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL, so it's easy to find the perfect fit for your dog.

Cooling vests for your dog: our FAQs

How do I make a dog cooling vest?

There are plenty of instructions on the web for making cooling clothing for dogs out of old material, either to work by evaporation or carry ice packs. But they're unlikely to work as well as commercial vests made out of specially designed wicking materials - and ice packs too near the skin aren't a good idea.

Do dog cooling vests work?

Yes! Well-made cooling vests definitely work and many, like the Ancol Cooling Dog Vest above, receive rave reviews.

How else can I keep my dog cool?

  • Keep them in the shade whenever possible.
  • On hot days, walk them early in the morning or late in the evening. Test the pavement with the back of your hand - if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog's paws.
  • Supply a dog cooling mat or wet towel for your dog to lie on.
  • Provide plenty of cold drinking water. Ice cubes will keep it cool and they're a refreshing treat. Take water with you on walks or journeys.
  • NEVER leave dogs in a hot car. They overheat very quickly.

Where can I buy a dog cooling vest?

Dog cooling vests are available from Amazon, B&M, Argos, and any good pet store such as Pets at Home.

Ready to buy?

Do your research! With thousands of reviews, Amazon is a great place to start, so why not check out Amazon's full range of dog cooling vests today.

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