Dog cushions

Giving your dog that comfortable place for rest and sleep is a must for an owner. That's why many of you are opting for a dog cushion - a lightweight and soft furnishing designed especially around the needs of your hound. This Loving Your Pet guide to dog cushions will hopefully allow your sleeping dog to lie.

Don't get them confused with the kind you'd arrange on your sofa; dog cushions come in a range of sizes and provide a comfy snooze setting for your dozing dog. They remain a popular choice for owners with cold, hard floors; such as stone, laminate or lino, while most covers can be unzipped and washed so you can stay on top of those doggy odours.

Dog cushions are also great travel companions. Many of us love to travel and holiday with our dogs and a cushion offers a soft and familiar place for both the journey and the destination. A dog follows its nose, so the smell of its bed is a great comfort to it when faced with a new or changing environment.

Most dog cushions are filled with polyester foaming contained within a nylon cover. Plusher cushions are patterned and offer superior finishes with water proof options. Size options range from between, 60cm by 40 cm (for smaller breeds), up to, 120cm by 75cm (to accommodate the larger dog). Prices start from under ten pounds.

Did you know that an adult dog can sleep for as many as fourteen hours a day depending on age and breed. Dogs shape their sleeping patterns around people; outside of their night time routine, they top up with naps and rests throughout the day. Sometimes yawning is a sign of stress or anxiety in a dog. Animal behavioural experts have recognised that a dog best copes with stress by sleeping.

Comfy bedding, such as a dog cushion, could help your dog to dream. Research into doggy sleep has revealed that a comfy dog enjoys deeper and longer sleep - essential for its health and well being. The brain patterns of dreaming humans and dogs are said to be very similar, suggesting that dog's do have dreams. Popular doggy dreams are thought to be; running, chasing and digging.

One recent survey revealed that in America, sixty-two percent of small dogs are allowed to sleep on their owner's beds during night time. This figure dropped by half when it came to bigger breeds - largely due to their greater tendency for snoring and bed hogging.

TOP TIP: add a super-cuggly dog cushion to a super-stylish wicker dog bed for the ultimate combination!

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