Dog Feeding Mats

You know the scene: your pet dog hears the clatter of a full dinner bowl being laid down and within nanoseconds they're in there thrashing their nose about, making scoffing noises and creating a right old mess of your carefully cleaned kitchen floor. Delicate eating and mealtime manners are not high on a dog's agenda.

So how can you save your kitchen floor becoming a slalom of water and gelatinous chunks of dog food? Simple: invest in a dog feeding mat!

Features to look for

The best food mats tend to be made out of rubber or an absorbent material and have a non-slip base and top to them so that when old Fido is nosing his bowl around to get to the very corners, it's less likely to end up on the other side of the room.

An advantage to choosing a rubber finish dog food mat is that the mat is easy to wash and very quick to dry. The latter being a particular bonus if you have a pet who likes to dive into their water bowl. Weeh!

You should also make sure that, whatever the material, the mat is of a high quality. Fraying edges and split rubber are not going to help your cause, so be certain that you're buying a mat that's going to stand up against some tough punishment.


A watery floor can be more than just a bit irritating. Just one over-enthusiastic mealtime can result in slipperiness spread far and wide, which poses a potential health and safety threat.

Mealtime mats also come in super-absorbent material so you can protect your family from skidding dangerously across the tiles. Some of them can absorb quite a mighty amount of water: check the product stats for more information if you have a real little splasher on your hands.


This is where the real fun comes in - choosing the perfect style for your dog. Purists can pick up a good old fashion block colour mat in a tone that matches the style of their kitchen. Some of the best, basic rubber mats come in a bright range of colours that your pup will instantly associate with dindins.

Or you can go for a cuter design, featuring paw prints and demands of 'FEED ME!' (can't you just hear those words rattling around your pet's little head while their eyes dart about wildly?) so that your pup can really take ownership of Chow Corner.

Then there are the rather fabulously designed dog feeding mats that come with a raised edge to contain the little lakes of lunch that tend to collect during mealtimes. Clever, eh?

Mat's better!

The range of designs, colours and shapes on offer means that you can always find the right mat to complement your room.

And whether your darling pooch deigns to dine on carpet or tile, your new no-mess mat will protect your floors and help them reach those tasty morsels without having to chase their bowl into the next room.

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