Dog Gates and Barriers

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Whilst dog are a man's best friend, sometimes we need to separate them from particular areas for safety or practical reasons. This is common in the home and can be made simple by the use of a dog gate or dog barrier.

Dog gates are often called dog safety gates or dog door barriers and make it easy to stop your dog from entering certain areas in the house. Whether it's to keep the in a cool part of the house, to keep them away from the kitchen or to help give a young child some space, a dog gate is just the ticket!

What type of dog gate should I buy?

There are different types of dog gates that are built for certain positions or situations around the home.

Pressure mounted gates are best suited if your hallway has solid sides. This type is also good for doorways and the bottom of the stairs too.

Free standing gates are another type wherein these can have various designs that are colourful. They can have different heights depending on the size of your dog. Freestanding gates are a doodle to move around the house as you wish.

Another type is the hardware mount. This will require special mounting and is a fixed structure. They are best for hallways, doorways and up and down the stairs.

The 'zigzag' gate is another type which can be used in larger areas. Some gates have a swing door to enable you to access the other side.

A multi configuration gate is another type which is used to close off a certain area for example, a fireplace. This is generally used more as a safety barriers than a separation gate.

Which dog gate is best?

If you are looking for the best dog gate or dog barrier for your home, there are some things to be considered. It will depend on the type of dog that you have and it's size, as well as the layout, features and size of your home.

Larger dogs can generally jump higher than small dogs so it's important to buy a dog gate of the right size. If your dogs are badly behaved or over-active, you may need to choose quite a strong gate!

It's best to think about where you intend to place the dog gate or barrier. If it's at the bottom of the stairs, you'll probably need a different type to one that fits in a doorway. Do your research and make sure that the dog gate you buy is fit for purpose and application.

Think about your budget too. Prices of dog gates and barriers vary enormously. Whilst quite often you get what you pay for, there's some good cheap dog gates out there. Shop around and you'll definitely save some money.

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