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A dog grooming glove is a very useful piece of grooming equipment. Dog grooming gloves help to massage a fog whilst also ensure that their fur is in tip top condition.

Which are the best dog grooming gloves?

From experience, our favourite is the Mikki Grooming Smooth and Stroke Glove which is also very highly rated by Amazon customers. At the time of writing, the Mikki glove has an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5, which is very good. It's great value for money, dual action dog grooming glove.

Alternatively there's the Mikki Grooming Rubber Glove for Short/Medium Coats which is a popular seller amongst dog owners. Whilst it doesn't have the 'double' sided dual action feature, it's another great grooming glove made by Mikki.

Of course there's plenty of gloves to choose from both in local pet shops and online too. Whichever you choose is up to you. If you are unsure, just ask a friend which glove they use and whether they would recommend it or not.

How does a grooming glove work?

Most dog grooming gloves have a rubber side and a smooth fabric side. The glove is used to stroke the dog to help maintain a healthy coat and give a massage at the same time.

The rubber side helps to massage the skin whilst also removing loose hair. The velvet-soft fabric side helps to leave the coat looking smooth and shiny. Whilst a grooming glove is a great piece of equipment for grooming any dog, they are especially suitable for nervous dogs as close contact becomes much more pleasant.

Why should I use grooming glove on my dog?

Grooming gloves are a great piece of dog grooming equipment and have a number of clever features and benefits.

Most obviously, a grooming glove helps to promote your dog's healthy skin and leave their coat in tip-top condition. A grooming glove will also help to encourage bonding time and close contact - especially for shy, nervous or timid dogs that might not otherwise enjoy grooming.

By using a grooming glove you can help remove loose hair that has been shed from your dog's coat.

TIP! - if you find a patch of hair where your dog has been sitting (for example the sofa), you can use the grooming glove to wipe it up very quickly!

The health benefits of dog grooming are incredibly important and a dog grooming glove is the perfect tool to cover the basics.

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