Dog Grooming Tables

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A dog grooming table is a crucial piece of equipment for any regular dog groomer - whether at home or in business. It's where virtually all grooming takes place!

What is a dog grooming table?

The name gives it's a table on which to groom a dog! Grooming is an important part of dog care and it's made a whole lot easier at a convenient height. The dog is placed on the top of the grooming table so it's in easy reach. Dog grooming tables typically have an 'arm' from which one or more nooses dangle which help secure the dog comfortably in place.

Features of dog grooming tables

There are so many grooming tables out there to choose from, each with a host of useful and clever features all designed to make your dog grooming life easier. Here's a few features you might find on a typical dog grooming table:

  • Non-slip and easy to clean rubber mat
  • Foldable for easy space-saving storage
  • Adjustable arm to accommodate dogs of different heights
  • Accessory tray beneath grooming surface to store grooming tools
  • Adjustable legs to allow grooming table to be set at different heights
  • Solid design for a no-wobble grooming experience

How much should I spend on a grooming table?

Obviously the more features you need, the more you will spend on a dog grooming table. If you need a dog grooming table for light use at home, perhaps, then you won't need anything top of the range.

On the other hand if you are going to use your dog grooming table regularly, you'll probably need a good quality one. Especially if you'll be running a dog grooming business and the pooches are lining up outside the door!

Always choose a dog grooming table to suit your budget and needs. A cheap dog grooming table might be great for ocasional use but you'll probably need to spend more if you wil be using it a lot.

Advantages of a dog grooming table

For professional use, a dog grooming table is a necessity, but many dog owners are buying tables for home use too. They make dog grooming much easier and more comfortable for both the owner and the pooch. Grooming becomes less awkward with a grooming table as it can be done at a convenient height.

Grooming tables also make it more straight forward to keep your dog still during the grooming routine. They are specifically designed for grooming so they are packed with clever features to make grooming safer, easier and more fun too!

Whether it's a portable dog grooming table or a super-quality stainless steel one, there's one just for you!

Dog grooming tables help to make the grooming routine easier and more enjoyable. They are a necessity for professional dog groomers and even becoming more popular for dog owners at home!

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