Dog Hair Dryers

A dog hair dryer is a useful addition to any dog grooming kit. Whilst not essential, it does make life easier when drying your dog after a good old wash.

It's important that you don't use a regular hair dryer on your dog - a true dog hair dryer is different in design and has been made especially for dogs.

In our experience, there's only a small range of dog grooming hair dryers out there in the shops. This is probably because most people are happy to use a towel or let their dog's coat dry naturally. A hair dog grooming dryer really does make life easier - especially if you have lots of dogs or you are a professional dog groomer.

The Wahl Pet Hair Dryer - perfect for dogs!

We've decided to pick out the Wahl Pet Hairdryer with Stand. Here at Loving Your Pet, we've had one for over a year and we've think it's fantastic! Here's just a few features of this dog hairdryer:

  • 3 heat settings to choose from, including a 'cool shot' button
  • Complete with 'concentrator' nozzle for greater accuracy and quicker drying
  • A removable and easy to clean air filter
  • A fully adjustable multi-position stand for hands-free drying!

The Wahl pet hair dryer is fairly compact but will blow warm and powerfully enough to help dry your dog at a comfortable distance. Dogs don't tend to like being position too close to a hairdryer so this is a great advantage. Our favourite feature is easily the hairdryer's stand. Being able to position it wherever you wish and use it hands free is a godsend. This allows you to handle your dog whilst he or she is drying or use a brush or comb at the same time. It makes things easier to control and helps to ensure your dog is dry all over!


The Wahl hairdryer is very popular and people who have bought one are very pleased with the results - us at Loving Your Pet included! On Amazon it's got a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating, which only the best items tend to get. Wahl are a well known brand name in the pet world so it's bound to be a popular choice. With only a handful of pet or dog hairdryers on the market, the Wahl one stands out. It's simple, easy to use, popular and even allows hands-free drying!

Perfect poochy drying!

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