Dog Pens

Dog owners, raise your hand if your pet has ever excitedly knocked things over in the house or destroyed the flowers you had recently planted. We've all been there, and their cute faces make it impossible to stay angry at them. But wouldn't it be nice if your dog could have all the desired fun and exercise without you worrying about anything? That's what dog pens are all about - freedom to play with no little accidents.

Why choose a dog play pen?

Whether you have an excited little puppy or an adult dog who likes to mess around in the garden, anyone can benefit from dog pens. You can use them to have your pet exercise safely in one spot you can keep an eye on, or keep them inside one overnight if you are worried about them damaging something. The beauty of these dog pens is that they work both indoor and outdoor, giving you the freedom of bringing your dog anywhere, without worries.

The materials of dog pens

You can expect to find dog pens of all kinds and made of different materials. Plastic is a popular one, as it won't scratch your floors and can easily be moved from inside to outside. Metal dog play pens, instead, are a more expensive alternative but guarantee durability and higher quality. You can also get fabric dog pens, which are more suited for puppies than larger dogs. Ultimately, you can get mesh dog pens which are the most lightweight option.

How do dogs play pens work?

The way play pens for dogs work depends on which type you decided to purchase. Some easily fold down and up, allowing you to quickly store them away, perfect as an indoor dog pen. Others, instead, come with different panels that need to be added together, available with a little gate that you can use to free your dog, and that allows you to keep it as an outdoor dog pen for the garden.

Choosing the right dog pen

The perfect dog pen varies depending on your requirements and your pet. When choosing one, you should consider the size, height, material, and strength you need based on where you are going to place it and also on how big your dog is. A large-sized dog will require a large dog pen, in the same way as a small-sized dog will need a small dog pen.

Where will it go? Make sure to measure the space where the dog pen is meant to go to avoid disappointment, that can be both indoor or outdoor.

Worried about setting one up? A foldable pop up dog pen is your best option if you want something that takes seconds to set up, and that can be carried around and cleaned with no issues.

Where should I start?

Here at Loving Your Pet, we researched the best Amazon dog pen for you to give you a better idea of what could be a perfect solution for your four-legged friend.

This foldable metal dog pen can be used both indoor and outdoor, and is incredibly easy to set up. It's made of 8 panels that can be connected however you want to make it into your preferred shape. Need to store it away? Fold it down and it's ready to go. When outside, you can use the corner stabilisers and ground anchors to ensure that it's safely in place. Available at a good price and excellent value.

What are the alternatives to a dog pen?

A popular alternative would be a dog crate, but they don't offer as much space and wouldn't allow for your dog to exercise and play whilst being confined to one.

How do I build a dog pen?

No need to show off your DIY skills, most dog pens are tried and tested and come ready to easily set up in just a few seconds. When you buy one already made, you are guaranteed a good standard of safety and quality for your dog.

How do I stop my outdoor dog pen from getting muddy?

Lining the ground where the outdoor dog pen is at would be the quickest option for you to keep things as easy to clean as possible. Either tarp or any type of cover you don't mind getting dirty would do the trick.

Overall, dog pens are your best option to keep your dogs happy and active without sacrificing furniture or flower beds. Find the one perfect for your four-legged friend today by checking out all the available options on Amazon. Happy playing!

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