Dog Play Pens

There are stages in most dogs' lives where they can get a little, shall we say, 'unruly'. It's all part of their charm of course but when you're dealing with furniture-scratching, shoe-chewing and rowdy child-chasing, it can get a bit overwhelming.

At this stage, most owners hastily load up a browser and start researching dog play pens. Locking your dog up in a small cage is not a particularly attractive option so cute, padded dog play pens are a wonderful alternative for the softer owners amongst us.

Space to play

Pens are wonderfully spacious and allow plenty of room for exploring and playing. Like our canine companions, many play pens come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the best option for your pet.

Set it up in your living room, throw in some chew toys and a bone and you'll have a very happy dog! You'll also have fewer demolished ornaments.


Most play pens pack up quite small so you can move them outside in warmer weather. Sometimes if you have small children playing outside or if there's a dangerous area of your garden, a play pen can be extremely handy.

Similarly, if you fancy pottering in your garden on a lovely sunny day but are worried that your dog might escape, set up your pen in the garden and pop your pup in there so they can watch you work rather than gazing balefully out of the window. Making you feel very guilty.

Many people find that a play pen is very useful when bringing a new puppy home. As we know, new pets can take some time to adjust to the house rules so it's wise to give them a safe space where they can burn off some energy. Play pens are also a practical place for your puppy to sleep so you don't come down in the morning to a smashed up living room and chewed electrical wires.


Dog play pens can usually be folded (for easy storage) so you can bring them out as and when they're needed. A particularly popular feature of some pens is mesh windows - great for allowing your dog to keep watch over goings on while they play. It's a great way to keep them feeling that they're part of the action.

Some of the lighter contraptions come with pegs so that you can secure the play pen in place. This is especially helpful if you're going to be using the play pen outside on the grass.

Another useful feature is a waterproof floor. Some pens have a removable base which is brilliant for protecting your carpets against little accidents but you can detach it when you're outside if you prefer. You might also opt for a pen that has a removable top if your dog is of the super-springy persuasion.

So have a look through the various options on the market and you'll soon find a dog play pen that's perfect for your best friend. They'll love having their own little house and you'll love knowing that they're happily and safely contained!