Dog toothbrushes

We all know how excruciatingly painful dental problems can be, if you don't you're very lucky indeed, but has it occurred to you our dogs can suffer just the same? Dog's teeth are just as vulnerable to all the dental problems us humans suffer, the only difference being, our four legged chums can't tell us. So what do we do about it?

That old phrase 'prevention is better than cure' springs to mind, and this prevention comes in the shape of a doggy toothbrush. Dog toothbrushes are great at fighting plaque - stopping it from building up on your doggy's dentures.

Staying on top of your dog's aural hygiene can prevent more serious problems such as infection and tooth loss, and that's not forgetting the often severe pain that goes with it.

You may have noticed a discolouration on your dog's teeth or been greeted by some smelly breath, perhaps your vet has raised the issue with you. Now you're aware of the problem, it's time to do something about it!

Dog toothbrushes are fairly standard in design but vary in size to meet the needs of your dog. Other specifications include; double ended dog tooth brushes, angular brushes and finger cots (extremely useful for those hard to reach places, like the back of your dog's mouth).

"Dog toothbrushes are great at fighting plaque - stopping it from building up on your doggy's dentures."

Advice on brushing your dog's teeth

Buying your dog toothbrush is the easy part. There are hundreds of brands to choose from online or you might prefer to purchase one from your local pet store or veterinary practice.

How easy or difficult brushing can be depends a lot on your technique and of course, your dog's personality. Have patience during your first few attempts, remember, it's something new to you both.

Be Gentle. Slowly introduce the toothbrush to your dog, the last thing you want to happen is for it to become fearful of brushing, so try and make it fun, using your voice to reassure and encourage.

Find a toothpaste your dog likes. Dog toothpastes come in different flavours such as malt, mint and poultry. Make sure you use a pet approved toothpaste.

Vets and pet experts advise brushing your dog's teeth daily, preferably with a straight action. You might consider supplementing the brushing with a dental diet plan.

Did you know?

Your dog's tongue takes care of cleaning the inside of its teeth, all you need concentrate on is brushing the outside, because that is where more than ninety percent of the tartar will be.

And finally...

Keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy is an important part of its well-being, so daily tooth brushing is definitely worth the effort. Before your know it, it will be just another part of your dog's routine.

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