Flashing Dog Collars

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Flashing dog collars are are a great safety accessory for those dark evening walks or even those early morning walks before the sun rises!

Whether you want to make sure you and your dog can bee seen by motorists at night, or you need to know which bush your dog decided to explore when it's dark, a flashing dog collar will light up their location!

What are flashing dog collars?

It's simple - they are dog collars that have flashing lights on them! They are battery operated and normally have an easy to use on/off switch. Most flashing dog collars are designed as as an additional collar to your dog's regular one.

Depending on the make and model, many flashing light dog collars can be seen in the dark from anything between 200 and 800 metres away - those are some bright LED's! This ensure you (and others) can see your dog on those night time walkies!

Depending on the flashing dog collar that you choose, it may have all or some of these common features:

  • A solid light mode or a flashing ('blinking') light mode
  • Fully adjustable to fit different sized dogs
  • A long battery life (especially if on 'blinking' mode
  • Batteries are normally included
  • The batteries can be replaced fairly easily

The flashing collar we recommend...

We recommend the Nite Ize Nite Dawg LED Dog Collar. It's a great hit with Amazon customers, and right now it's got an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0. That's pretty impressive!

Here at Loving Your Pet we have also tried it and been very pleased with the results. The lights can be seen from quite a distance, and this flashing dog collar is pretty robust. Our crazy beagle Rosie doesn't even mind wearing it (in fact it even looks quite cool!)

If you walk your dog at night, we think that a flashing dog collar is a great safety feature. You will probably even find it useful when you are least expecting it!

To be extra sure that you and your dog can be seen at night, have a look at our selection of hi-vis dog coats.

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