Floral Dog Beds

A dog bed can take up quite a lot of space in your home. This means that while it's important to get one that's suitable and comfy for your dog, itis also essential to get one that looks good!

Luckily, dog beds come in a variety of designs, colours and patterns these days, so you should be able to find one to match your décor. One current popular trend is for floral dog beds.

What are floral dog beds?

Floral print dog beds, or dog beds with a floral pattern or theme, are all the rage right now! From bold prints of large flower heads, such as poppies, to subtle patterns featuring tiny flowers and foliage, there are a host of styles - and a range of colours.

Most floral dog beds tend to be padded fabric dog beds rather than wicker or plastic. While some have a bold, modern look, many designs are more classic, with a vintage feel.

Choosing the right floral dog bed

Consider colour and style

Some floral dog beds feature several different colours, so search for a bed with shades to complement the tones of your room décor. Whether you want a bright pink floral dog bed or one in more sober shades, you'll find one that's suitable.

The fabric pattern is important as well. Find one that suits your dog's needs and matches the look of your room: country-style vintage, classic and refined period, bold and contemporary, minimalist? Whatever your style, you'll find a flower pattern dog bed to match it.

Select the right size

Read the product information and dimensions carefully and follow any provided directions on measuring your dog. Also consider your dog's sleeping style: are they a curler or a stretcher? If they love to stretch out, they'll need plenty of space!

Check for essential features

Think about practicality and you dog's needs. Is it important that your floral dog bed has a removable cushion? A washable cover? A waterproof pad? High sides? An orthopaedic mattress? A cave-style or tent-style roof?

Read reviews

To get the real low-down on how a dog bed performs and endures, read reviews from dog owners who have purchased the dog beds you're interested in. Take particular notice of reviews from purchasers whose dogs have used their floral dog bed for a while, and really tested it out!

The best floral dog bed

With so many colours, styles and patterns to choose from, it took us a while to decide on our current favourite floral dog bed. But we think the best one on the market right now is the Joules Floral Dog Bed. It's super-comfy, super-stylish and very practical. It also has a range of matching accessories available!

The high-quality canvas cover is predominantly a rich navy, with a pastel and rose-pink floral design - and it will look equally good in a contemporary or period-style room. The bed is rectangular with extra-thick sides and a deep, reversible cushion: one side matches the bed fabric and the other is luxury navy plush.

This small bed is suitable for breeds such as Border Terriers, Shih-tzu, Small Cockapoos, Small KC Cavalier Spaniels, Pugs, Westies, Small French Bulldogs, Miniature Schnauzers and Boston Terriers.

Reviewers love the way the bed looks and report that their dogs love the way it feels.

  • Dimensions: 55 x 42 x 20cm (approximately 22 x 17 x 8 inch)
  • Non-slip base
  • Machine washable

Buying your floral dog bed

You can buy floral dog beds from a variety of pet superstores and websites, including Pets at Home, some general household stores, and online retailers such as Wayfair and Amazon.

Wherever you decide to buy from, it's worth searching for floral dog beds on Amazon first. There, you can check out the huge selection available and read a good range of reviews before making your choice.

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