Funny Dog Songs - the Top 10!

Ever wondered what your dog's favourite songs are? Well here is the current Top 10 Dog Songs! Carefully compiled from a survey of over 200 dogs, and with 2 new entries, here is today's Dog Songs chart countdown.


Dogs love Paul McCartney and his gang and at number 10 this week is the Beatles with Hard Day's Night (...and I've been working like a dog)!


This all time classic is sure to get your dog howling - it's the 'Labra'-Doors with Light My Fire.


This modern pop song will get your dog woofing along to the music - it's the Baha Men with Who Let The Dogs Out?


Your dog won't get this catchy tune out of it's head, it's Boney M with Brown Girl in The Ring.


One of the biggest bands ever bring us one of the most famous songs ever - and your dog will love it. It's Queen with Bohemian Yapsody!


You dog might want to shake it's hips to this famous record - it's Elvis Presley with Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog.


If you dog can play the guitar, it should learn this track - it's The (B)Eagles with Hotel California!


A famous soundtrack sure to get your dog rockin', it's Limp (Dog)-Bizkit with Mission Impossible.


Especially loved the German Leonberger breed, this week's number 2 is Kings of Leon(berger) with Use Somebody.


This great track is always a canine favourite - it's Led Zeppelin with Black Dog!

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