Golden Retrievers - good family pets?

This article explores the temperament and personality of golden retrievers. With this in mind we will see whether a golden retriever is the dog for you and your family.


The golden retriever is a very happy, good natured dog. However it is important that your pet is exposed to as many different people as possible. If you socialise your retriever from an early age then it can get along well with babies, young people and the elderly alike.

Golden retrievers have a high level of energy to burn off each day. This brings a great responsibility to the owner. You should be looking to at least two walks per day, each lasting around 45 minutes. By doing this you will also expose and train your retriever to behave correctly around roads, other dogs, motorbikes etc...

Retrievers in the Family

The golden retriever is a clever and adaptable pet and therefore can be trained to fit in with the family, not be too boisterous and generally respect other people in the house.

Whilst they can be encouraged to bark when the door bell rings (to ward off the unwanted), you can also train them to greet family members by sitting politely and waiting to be petted, rather then them jumping up. You can also teach them to wait at all open doors for the signal to go through and teach them to lie down under tables to keep out of the way of the general through fare.

Retrievers make loyal and loving pets, but please make sure that you have the space, time and energy to give them the care they deserve.

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