Halloween Dog Costumes

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Yes that's right...you can buy a Halloween costume for your dog! They are super-popular in America and they are really catching on here in the UK. Here's a quick introduction to dog costumes at Halloween.

Whether it's to match your own Halloween costume, or a completely different style, there's literally hundreds of dog costumes to choose from. Whether it's a skeleton costume, a witch or a spooky dinosaur there's a cute Halloween costume for all dogs!

Below is a random selection of Halloween dog costumes available on Amazon. Click here for the full range. There's costumes for all sizes of dogs.

Which Halloween dog costume should I choose?

It's entirely up to you! There's a huge range of costumes available from spooky ones to cute ones. You might want to choose a costume that matches yours so you can both look the part together.

As a dog owner it can be a thoroughly fun experience seeing little pooch stroll around dressed up for Halloween.


Unfortunately not all dogs like to take part in fancy dress. You'll soon be able to tell whether your dog does or not by seeing how they take to their new Halloween costume. If you dog seems uncomfortable or stressed by the dressing up ordeal, simply take the costume off - you don't want to cause any unnecessary discomfort.

Some dogs absolutely love dressing up however, in which case you will probably both have a great deal of fun in the process.

Always read the instructions that come with the costume to make sure you are dressing your dog up correctly and in the safest way.

Why not make your own Halloween dog costume?

With a little handy work and plenty of imagination, you can always make your own Halloween dog costume. It's quite surprising what you can achieve with a little material and thread!

Popular costume ideas

Many dog owners decide to dress their dog in costumes at Halloween that don't even have a Halloween theme! Here's a mix of the most popular Halloween dog fancy dress options:

  • A bat
  • A spider
  • A witch
  • A skeleton
  • Yoda
  • Any Star Wars character!
  • A devil

The options are endless.

We hope you have a great Halloween!

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