Kong Dog Toys

Kong is one of the biggest names associated with dog toys and it is with good reason that this brand has become a much-loved household name. The dog toys belonging to the Kong line of products are guaranteed pet-safe and are built to last - these toys were designed with dogs who love to chew in mind.

Not only does Kong create durable products, but they also offer a wide variety of toys for dog lovers to choose from. From squeaky tennis balls and Frisbees to the classic treat dispenser toys, Kong has all the products you need to keep your dog happy, healthy and entertained!

Kong Squeaker Dog Tennis Ball

The Kong Squeaker Tennis Ball is the perfect toy for dogs who love to play fetch. This toy is made from durable, non-abrasive material that will not damage your dog's teeth and it comes in two different sizes for large and small breeds. Kong Squeaker Tennis Balls are the ideal combination of two of the most popular dog toys: tennis balls and squeaker toys.

Hidden inside the tennis ball is a squeaker unit that emits a noise sure to drive your dog crazy - once you introduce your dog to this popular toy he will never want to let it go!

Kong Rubber Dog Toy Treat Dispenser and Chew

Some of the most popular Kong dog toys are the rubber treat dispensers which combine the appeal of a classic chew toy with the allure of tasty dog treats.

Kong Rubber Dog Toy Treat Dispensers and Chews come in several different shapes including the classic bone shape, a ball shape and the traditional Kong shape. All of these toys are made from a bouncy natural red rubber compound that will stand up to even the most eager of chewers!

Kong Rubber Dog Toy Treat Dispensers and Chews come in various sizes and are made with either hollow centers or bone-shaped ports designed to be filled with your dog's favorite treats and edible pastes. These toys will provide your dog with endless hours of fun, keeping him busy trying to get at the treats hidden inside!

Kong Flyer Frisbee

Many dogs love playing with Frisbees, but traditional Frisbees can be quickly destroyed by a dog's sharp teeth and eagerness to play. Kong Flyer Frisbees are both soft and durable so they won't hurt your dog's teeth but will stand up to chewing and long games of fetch.

The Kong Classic Flyer is made from soft rubber and comes in two sizes, small and large. The Puppy Flyer is perfectly sized for puppies that are just learning to play. These discs are made with Kong's special teething rubber formula to protect your puppy's teeth while still offering the flexibility and durability you expect from a dog toy.

Kong also offers the Extreme Flyer which is recommended for active dogs. This disc is made from Kong's most durable Extreme rubber but it is still soft enough to be folded up and packed away.

Kong Wubba Squeaky Dog Toy

Kong's Wubba line of dog toys is perfect for dogs that love to fetch and tug. These toys incorporate the durability of reinforced nylon with the allure of a long tail your dog won't be able to resist.

The Kong Wubba Squeaky Dog Toy features both a tennis ball and a squeaker ball, offering your dog two of his favorite things. The unique design of this toy makes it easy to throw and it makes the transition from fetch to tug-of-war easier than ever.

Kong Dog Toy Squiggles

The Squiggles line of Kong dog toys offers everything your dog could ever want - a plush animal head for chewing, a stretch body for tugging and a squeaker ball at both ends!

Kong Dog Toy Squiggles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and feature several different animal themes including rabbits, elephants, bears and more. These toys are designed with dogs in mind but they also include features desirable to many dog owners. The long, stretchy body makes Squiggles a great toy for tug-of-war games and they only use a small amount of stuffing to minimize the mess if your dog ends up chewing the toy apart.

The Kong range of dog toys are incredibly popular. From aqueakers to chews to Frisbees and everything in between, your dog will be happier and healthier with a Kong dog toy in it's life - enjoy!

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