Memory Foam Dog Beds

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Memory foam dog beds provide the ultimate comfort for your precious pooch. They help support the weight of your dog and spread it evenly across the mattress. Read more to find out more about the ultimate dog comfort...

Health benefits

Memory foam beds are especially beneficial for dogs that suffer from arthritis and other joint and muscle complaints. They are also very much appreciated by older dogs or dogs who are recovering from illness.

Memory foam dog beds help support joints and bones and help blood circulation by removing unnecessary pressure on certain parts of the body. We all know how a cheap pillow can become almost hollow in the middle after a few nights - it's annoying and gives you a stiff neck. Well a memory foam dog bed won't trouble your canine friend in that way!

All dogs love 'em

Memory foam beds aren't just for dogs with aches and pains, they can be the perfect give for any dog big or small, lazy or active! In fact our bonkers beagle now prefers her memory foam bed over the sofa since we got her one! Memory foam dog beds are also good at keeping heat from your dog, making for a nice warm snooze.

How do memory foam dog beds work?

Memory foam is a special foam that is sensitive to both pressure and heat. As your dog sits or lies in their bed, the foam will adjust itself to the dog's body. It will relieve pressure and spread the weight of the dog. Common pressure points such as the back, legs, hips and knees will have extra support unlike normal pillows.

Memory foam dog beds are much like orthopedic dog beds - they give the same benefits and have the same features.

Memory foam dog beds will give your dog great comfort when they snooze. Whilst being a great idea for all dogs, they are especially suitable for dogs who suffer from aches and pains in their muscles and joints.

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