Dog Exercise - Exercise Your Dog!

Exercise is essential in keeping your dog happy and physically fit. Ensuring your dog is getting enough exercise is an important part of keeping them healthy. All dogs will need exercise daily - but the amount will vary from one breed to another. A dog that doesn't get exercise will likely develop behavioural and health problems. Most dogs do not exercise on their own, so it is up to you to get pooch fit!

Lack of dog exercise can lead to an obese dog, a dog with poor muscle strength, bone problems, heart problems, emotional problems, and often, destructive behaviour.

Take Your Dog For a Walk

Taking your dog for a walk each day is essential - it will give them the exercise they need whilst helping to gel your relationship between dog and dog owner. It is generally recommended to take your dog for a 30 minute walk each day, although some breeds may need even more. Consulting with your vet will help you get a good idea. Just letting your dog out into the garden is not enough.

A great way to ensure your dog is stretching their muscles is to take a ball, stick or Frisbee on the walk. Everyone knows the fun your dog will have sprinting after these items after you hurl them through the air! Your dog needs to use this energy and get fit!

Jog With Your Dog!

As long as you dog is fit enough, he or she can make an excellent jogging partner! This is not advisable if your dog has experienced health problems in the past, or is elderly. Jogging with your dog will get you both shedding the pounds and getting fit!

A fit dog will sleep better, be happier, be more relaxed and be more fun to be with!

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