Rawhide Dog Chews

Research has shown that all dogs spend the majority of their day thinking about how to get their next treat. Well, actually we made that up, but we'd put money on it being true. Rawhide dog chews are the ultimate prize and they keep pups happy for hours as they happily gnaw away on them.

The chews they love best are the ones made from rawhide, which is mainly produced in the USA from the hides of corn-fed cattle (though it can be from pigs too). It's delicious to doggies: rawhide has saved many a sofa. Dogs have an instinctive desire to chew, so throw them some rawhide or take your chances.

Why choose chews?

We all know that dogs, like children, respond to rewards. Throw them a chew and they will be glowing with pride knowing they've done something right. They just might not know what. But they won't care - you won't see them for dust as they disappear to their favourite blanket for some serious chew time.

Dog owners often feel really guilty leaving their dog alone in the house for a whole day, but sometimes it is inevitable and chews are a great way to alleviate their boredom. Rawhide bones help stimulate mental and physical activity - they're a toy as well as a treat. They last for absolutely ages even when in the paws of the most bite-happy dog.

Dog breath?

Chews also work wonders on your canine's chompers. Plaque and tartar will be a thing of the past and no longer will flowers wilt from the stench of your pup's breath. His gums will be given a new lease of life and you'll find there are far fewer trips to the doggy dentist, saving you time and money.

You'll still need to brush his teeth of course but it'll be a much easier job (and you won't faint from the smell). It's especially good for puppies as the act of chewing really helps to relieve teething pain.

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Rawhide chews come in all shapes, sizes and colours so your dog won't ever tire of them. You can buy bone-shaped ones, rings, twists, knots, sticks and even ones shaped like a shoe (your wellies will breathe a sigh of relief). Rawhide bones are available in every size imaginable so regardless of how big or small your dog is they'll get stuck straight in.

A word of warning though: if your dog is experiencing a chew for the first time it's a good idea to supervise them. If a large part broke off then it could become stuck in their throat. They'll get the hang of it in no time but keep your eye on them just in case. Softer rawhide is available too which is much more suitable for puppies or adult dogs with brittle teeth.

So if you want to save your sofas, rescue your rugs and protect your possessions then a rawhide chew for your pooch is definitely your way forward. Your dog will be delirious!

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