Rottweiler Facts

Here are some carefully complied Rottweiler facts for you to digest. Have a read and amaze your friends with your brilliant Rottweiler facts!

  • Rottweilers are not bred to be vicious dogs, though the media would have you believe otherwise! A well-bred, well-socialised Rottweiler is a good natured dog with a stable temperament
  • It is illegal to dock the tale of a Rottweiler in the UK and Germany
  • Whilst the Rottweiler's coat is thick, it is actually quite low maintenance
  • The collar area of a Rottweiler is quite prone to picking up bacterial infections, so make sure that this area is completely dry after bathing or swimming before putting the collar back on
  • You should start obedience training with your Rottweiler at an early age - it really is harder to teach an old dog new tricks!
  • Spaying or neutering your Rottweiler as soon as possible will help to reduce behavioural problems
  • Non-neutered females will reach sexual maturity between 6-10 months of age
  • Male Rottweilers can become quite the escapologists when they scene a female in heat.
  • Just because you have not been involved in the life of a Rottweiler puppy, this should not put you off looking to adopt or rescue a Rotty
  • Rottweilers can be aggressive towards other dogs, socialisation at an early age is very important. Owners must discourage dominant acts as soon as they occur. If this happens they can live side-by-side with other dogs with no issues
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