Scrumbles Dog Food

Dogs are man's best friend. Fact! So it's only natural that we want to feed our dogs high quality and nutritious pet food. Scrumbles dog food is the perfect choice for pooches with sensitive stomachs, and for owners looking for a 100% natural product - with no hidden nasties!

So why choose Scrumbles?

The Scrumbles range offers both dry dog food and wet dog food, catering for the most fussy of Fidos! Chicken, salmon and turkey dishes are on the menu combined with healthy ingredients like carrots, green beans and peas. The recipes are hypoallergenic with no sugar, salt or artificial colourings - so you can rest easy that you're giving your best friend the very best dog food.

One of the great reasons for buying Scrumbles is that the range caters for dogs of all ages. Whether you have a puppy that's a mischievous bundle of energy, or a wise old hound that's attuned to your every mood, Scrumbles' pouches are aimed at optimising the health and wellbeing of your pet whatever their age.

Most popular products

Scrumbles Natural Dry Dog Food for Puppies is designed to give your dog the best start in life. Stuffed full of healthy ingredients it also has an added probiotic to ease digestion plus DHA from salmon oil to aid cognitive development. Essential for all of those 'sit, stay' moments!

As we advance in age, our priorities are to keep moving and stay well. And of course the same priorities apply to our dogs. Scrumbles understands this and has developed Scrumbles for Adults and Seniors. A dry dog food with 50% fresh salmon, the mix contains essential vitamins for supple joints plus slippery elm for digestive health.

Also don't forget Scrumbles Nibbles and Gnashers! Did you know that dogs need healthy teeth and gums too? Give them a Gnashers daily dental chew (bone) to keep their breath fresh and reduce the build-up of plaque. With their teeth sparkling white, surely they deserve a treat or two? Nibbles is just the thing to reward good behaviour and show your dog just how much you love them. Made with all natural ingredients, and with no added sugar, they're most definitely 'guilt free'!

Check out these frequently asked questions for more information on Scrumbles dog food:

Is Scrumbles dog food hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic food is created for pets that have allergies to 'trigger' ingredients such as beef, dairy, gluten and pork. Scrumbles dog food is hypoallergenic because it uses a limited number of quality ingredients, and avoids those 'trigger' ingredients. Always read the back of the packet before using for the first time to see exactly which ingredients are listed.

Is one Scrumbles packet of food equivalent to one meal?

This depends on many factors, and feeding the correct amount is very important to the health of your dog. The amount of food that your dog requires will depend on their age, size and lifestyle. If in doubt, please ask your vet.

Does Scrumbles use the best quality meat?

Yes, all Scrumbles meals use high quality chicken sourced from slaughterhouses that adhere to UK laws surrounding human food consumption.

Scrumbles pet food is the brainchild of Dragon's Den duo Aneisha Soobroyen and Jack Walker. The husband and wife team watched their cat Boo suffer with an upset tummy for years before finally deciding to solve the problem themselves. Aneisha's background in Natural Sciences lead to them creating a range of gut friendly food that's kind to both pets and the planet. Scrumbles is a certified B Corp company meaning that the business aims to have a positive impact on the environment and the communities involved in the production of their products. All of the meat used in Scrumbles products is British and sourced from an independent, family-run company. The packaging is recyclable, compostable and plastic-free.

If you're looking for natural, healthy food for your dog, buy Scrumbles online at Amazon. The smart choice for people, pets and the planet!

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