Squeaky Dog Toys

Who knows just how many fluffy dog toys have met a sticky end at the paws of an over-eager dog? There's no doubt about it: dogs love their toys. Many a stuffed toy's demise can be attributed to dogs. If the act of sweeping up a teddy bear's insides leaves you feeling more than a little sorry for it, perhaps it's time to swap teddies for a good old-fashioned squeaky toy.

Decoy toy

Your pooch will spend hour upon hour trying to destroy it, but these things are built to withstand an awful lot of abuse so he'll have his work cut out. The attraction comes from the fact that the toys are rubber versions of their favourite prey in the wild, and the squeaks are irresistible. Dogs have an irrepressible urge to chew so they'll really love giving the squeaky toy what for.

Dogs also love an interactive toy and will enjoy the squeaking response to their actions. It'll keep their gums active and their minds occupied. Bear in mind too that any sort of play is also exercise so on a rainy day when you can't bring yourself to walk your dog just give them a squeaky toy and they'll get a good workout chasing it around the room.

Puppy love

If you're planning a long journey or you're likely to be leaving your pet on his or her own for a while, nothing will keep them occupied like a squeaky toy. They'll be so busy chewing, mauling and generally trying to destroy it that they'll forget all about being bored. And the added bonus of course is that you'll return to find your furniture intact!

Have squeaky toys dotted around your house - for example one in the garden, one in the lounge etc so no matter where your dog ventures, they'll stumble across adventure.

Boundless squeaky choice!

From rubber chickens through to bouncing balls, no matter what shape your dog is into you'll easily find a squeaky toy that they will adore. You'll also find squeaky animals such as squirrels, meerkats, rabbits, ducks and cats to really tap into their instincts. Nothing makes a dog happier than hearing what they think are the last cries of a terrified mouse.

You'll find squeaky toys in just about every colour known to man but go for a brightly coloured one if you really want to prick your doggy's interests. It's the must-have accessory for the dog about town too so keep one in your handbag for pit-stops.

Warning - not all squeaks are created equal - the really high pitched ones might start to drive you around the bend so it's best to give a toy a good test squeak before you take it away. No matter what size your dog is there's the perfect squeaky toy on the market for them - sizes range from very small rubber balls to massive plastic doggy newspapers. Having a varied assortment to hand will have your old dog learning new tricks every day.

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