Tartan Dog Beds

Like all caring pet owners, you want your dog to have a comfy, warm bed. Somewhere they can curl up for a nap or happily snooze the night away. But dog beds can be quite a prominent feature in your room, so you'll also want a dog bed that looks good. If it's on trend and matches your decor, so much the better!

Tartan is a classic look, but it's also very trendy right now. Here are our tips for finding the right tartan dog bed.

What is tartan?

Tartan is defined by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as "a cross-checkered repeating pattern of different coloured bands, stripes, or lines of definite width and sequence, woven into woollen cloth."

Although these patterns have been used in many cultures, tartan has become associated with Scotland, with clans adopting their own specific tartan. Today, tartans are a very popular design and reproduced in many different materials.

Introduction to tartan dog beds

Because tartan is so fashionable, nearly all types of dog bed are available in this pattern. This means that finding a tartan dog bed that suits you and Fido shouldn't be a problem.

Of course, a tartan dog bed is a very popular choice for both Scottish dog owners and owners of Scottish dog breeds, such as West Highland Terriers, Scottish Deerhounds. Gordon Setters and Shetland Sheepdogs. But you don't need to be Scottish - or own a dog from a Scottish breed - to appreciate the vibrant, attractive tartan patterns that are available.

Choosing the right tartan dog bed

Dog bed size

If you have a Scottish Deerhound, you'll almost certainly need a large tartan dog bed - or even an extra-large! But the best way to ensure you get the right size of dog bed is to read the product information and sizing carefully, and measure Fido. Some beds have measuring guidance so that you can check the fit before you buy.

Choice of colours for your tartan dog bed

While red tartan dog beds are very common, blue tartans are also easy to find, and there are also brown, green, grey and even purple tartan dog beds available. Think about the style and colours of the room the dog bed will be placed in. Look for a tartan dog bed with a colour combination that matches or creates a pleasing contrast with the shades in your room.

Tartan dog bed brands

There are many brands of tartan dog bed to choose from, including Bunty, AllPetSolutions and Petface. If you're a Barbour fan, you can even buy a Barbour tartan dog bed to keep the brand loyalty alive!

Features and styles

Read descriptions and reviews to find the look, features and durability you want. Other dog owners (and their dogs!) are a mine of information about the quality of dog beds, and how resilient and comfortable they are. Some tartan dog beds are machine washable, have a removable cover and/or pillow. Others have an orthopaedic mattress or a waterproof layer. Whether you want high sides, low sides or no sides on Fido's bed, you'll find a suitable tartan dog bed available.

Our favourite bestselling tartan dog bed

We think the best tartan dog bed on the market at the moment is the Bunty Heritage Tartan Dog Bed. It's easy to see why this model has hundreds of positive reviews, as it's super-stylish and available in red or green tartan. It has sturdy, tall and chunky walls, lined with the same soft plush fur as the removable, deep, squashy cushion. These features create a really comfy den for your dog. The bed outer is made of strong, durable polyester. A rubber base helps insulate the bed and prevents it slipping on the floor.

Available in small, medium or large sizes, this high-quality tartan dog bed is a bargain, and speedy free delivery is available. Reviewers love the sturdiness and thickness of the walls, and their dogs love the plump cushion!

Frequently asked questions

How do I wash my tartan dog bed?

Many tartan dog beds are washable, but always read the washing instructions to see if they should be hand washed or machine washed. Some have removable covers or cushions that can be washed separately.

How do I stop my dog chewing its bed?

Dogs do love to chew, especially when they're young, so ensure they have chew toys to fulfil this need. They'll then be less likely to chew their dog bed or the other things you prefer to keep intact, like the sofa! It's important to let them know chewing their bed isn't acceptable, too, by telling them "No," sternly - and taking the bed away temporarily if they persist.

For more tips on tackling this issue, check out our advice page on How to Stop a Dog Chewing Its Bed.

What about a matching cushion for my tartan dog bed?

You'll find that most tartan dog beds come with a cushion, but if you want to buy a tartan dog bed cushion separately, they're available at many pet stores and through online retailers such as Amazon.

Ready to buy a tartan dog bed?

You can buy your tartan dog bed from online retailers like Amazon or stores such as Pets at Home and Argos. Before you make your decision, search for 'tartan dog bed' on Amazon to see a wide range of models and read hundreds of reviews from owners. This will help you find the tartan dog bed that has the features you want - and great recommendations from owners and their dogs!

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