Travelling with your dog in summer

If you're heading on a long-distance trip in the car, chances are high that old Fido is very much planning on coming with you. But in the warmer months especially, it can quickly get uncomfortable for your darling dog if you don't have all the right kit.

So make sure their journey to fun is as comfortable as possible by following our guide to safe and comfortable doggy car travel in the summer.

Boot camp

It's as much about safety as comfort so despite their protestations, you'll find it's wisest to have your dog travel in the boot of your car. As much as they'd like to be right by your side offering directions and nuzzling your neck, you must never leave your driving open to canine interference.

So invest in a good quality dog car guard to keep them securely contained in the boot. This will keep them safe as well as you: a dog loose in the front of your car is far more likely to come to harm in the event of a crash or emergency stop.

Long-distance journeys can be made far easier for your pooch if they can snooze most of the way, so pop their comfy dog bed in the boot and give them some toys to keep them occupied if they wake up.

Food and drink

In the warmer months, temperatures inside your car can quickly spike so it's crucial to make sure your dog is always hydrated and has plenty of snacks.

You can find specially designed travel water bottles and feeders on the market that are ideal for placing in the boot alongside your pup. Their specific designs ensure minimum mess so they can snack and slurp without drenching your boot.

No mess, no fuss

Just for the old belt and braces approach, it's wise to invest in seat protectors to keep your car spick and span. You can buy fold-out protectors that lie underneath your dog and catch any dribbles, accidents or minor episodes of motion sickness. It's worth the investment as it'll save you costly valeting bills and keep your car pristine for everyday use.

On the topic of doggy vomiting, you can also pick up pastes that stop them feeling iffy while you're in motion. These can be spread on a treat for easy ingestion.

Time it right

If you can manage it, try to time your journey during the cooler parts of the day. Around midday, the sun is at its hottest and a sweltering, sticky car is no fun for anyone, least of all your precious pooch.

If you have to travel in the middle of the day, invest in some window shades and crank up that air conditioning so it circulates to the boot. Just to be on the safe side, stop as often as you can to get your dog out and give them some fresh air. You can also help them from getting too hot by keeping their coat short with regular grooming sessions.

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