Tweed Dog Beds

Tweed introduces a classic feel wherever it's used and adds a touch of country class. Elements of tweed are a popular trend in home décor right now, so why not choose a tweed dog bed for a smart, stylish look?

What is tweed?

Tweed refers to a category of medium-to-heavy weight woven fabrics, traditionally made in wool. They are soft and flexible, with a rough, open surface texture. The colour, weave and pattern vary widely and depend on the place of manufacture. Certain design 'families' are from specific places (e.g., Harris tweed).

The durability of tweed makes it ideal for a dog bed. It works well in traditional, country style rooms but also brings a soft yet refined touch to more minimalist or modern spaces.

Choosing the right tweed dog bed

Practicality and size

You'll find tweed dog beds in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes: oval, rectangular, high sides, low sides, enclosed! Decide what type of bed best suits your dog. The opinions of other dog owners, whose dogs have been using their beds for a while, can be invaluable, so always look for reviews. You'll discover if your chosen beds are really as durable and easy to clean as the manufacturers claim.

Getting the right-sized dog bed is important, so when you're comparing tweed dog beds, read all the sizing information (and reviews, to benefit from the experiences of owners with similar size dogs). Follow any instructions for measuring Rover carefully (nose to tail? Shoulder to tail?).

A large tweed dog bed from some companies might fit an Irish Wolfhound, but from others, it might not fit your Golden Retriever! So always base your size choice on the actual dimensions rather than the size description.

Colour and pattern choices

If you want a tweed dog bed to complement your home décor, you'll be spoilt for choice. Tweed is a versatile fabric available in a variety of colours. Many people pick a neutral, classic grey tweed dog bed, and if you want more subdued green, blue, beige or brown shades, an Earthbound tweed dog bed may be ideal. But models are available from a host of other high-quality dog brands, including House of Paws, Danish Designs, Hunter, Joules, Petface and Wainwright, and there are also red, yellow and pink tweed dog beds to choose from. Finding a dog bed to match the décor of your room should be easy!

Maybe you want a Harris tweed dog bed with its subtle herringbones and checks. and pale tones. Or perhaps you'd prefer a Tytherton tweed dog bed with its bolder multi-coloured checks and darker background? Whatever look you want, you'll find a bed to suit you, your room and your pooch.

Our favourite bestselling tweed dog bed

Our pick for best tweed dog bed on the market at the moment is the P&L Superior Pet Beds Tweed Oval Dog Bed, and enthusiastic reviewers seem to agree.

This durable dog bed scores high on convenience too, as it's fully machine washable. It's available in small, medium and large sizes, so you're bound to find one to fit Fido!

Manufactured in the UK from furniture-grade materials, it's excellent value for money and delivery is free. High walls filled with thermal polyester fibres help to keep your dog warm and cosy, and the plump cushion is removable for easy washing.

Reviewers love the durability of the bed, the high, padded walls, and the appearance of the high-quality grey tweed fabric.

Frequently asked questions about tweed dog beds

How do I wash my tweed dog bed?

This varies depending on the model, style, materials and size. Some have removable cushions/and or covers that can be washed in the machine or by hand, or you may be able to place the whole dog bed in your machine. But always read the washing instructions and follow them, for the sake of your dog bed and your washing machine!

How do I stop my dog chewing its bed?

Most modern dog beds are very durable, but even so, they're not indestructible - and not designed for chewing. Ensure your dog has chew toys that satisfy the natural urge to chew; these help to keep their teeth and jaws healthy. It also means they will be less inclined to chew their dog bed. You can also try one of the anti-chew sprays available.

For more tips on preventing your dog from chewing their lovely new tweed dog bed, see our handy article on How to Stop a Dog Chewing its Bed.

What other similar designs might I like?

If you like a classic, traditional, and high-quality fabric available in a range of colours, you may also like tartan dog beds. Tartan is another elegant, timeless material that's very fashionable at the moment. Its checked repeating patterns of different coloured bands is associated with Scotland's clans, and very popular with Scottish owners of dogs and owners of Scottish dogs! But tartans come in many colours and are a popular way to add accents to your room décor.

It's time to buy your tweed dog bed!

To check out the widest selection of tweed dog beds in the UK and read hundreds of reviews, head to Amazon and search for 'tweed dog bed'. Reviews can help you narrow down your shortlist and find the perfect bed: comfy enough for Rover, and stylish enough for you!

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