Weimaraners - good family pets?

This article explores the advantages and potential disadvantages of having a Weimaraner in your family. Weimaraners are big dogs, so there is plenty to consider before buying.

Consider the make up of your family home. Are there children present? Do you own a cat or other animal? Do you have the space to let a Weim run loose outside?

House Rules

House rules are important and consistency is the key. If you decide not to let your Weim sleep on the sofa, then everybody in the property must keep to that rule. If your Weimaraner knows there is a weak link in the family, then they will seek that person out and push the boundaries. Before you know it, your Weim will be begging at the table, jumping on the bed, smoking your cigars and wearing your shoes!!

Weimaraners and Babies

Introducing your Weim to your baby is a careful process. Firstly, the dog must know that you are its owner and you must be in full control. Your Weim must come to recognise your baby as a member of the family and not 'another toy' around the house. Take the introduction process slowly, but most importantly, make sure that there is a responsible adult present at all times.

Weimaraners and Other Animals

Your Weimaraner can learn to be friends with a whole host of other animals. They can often co-exist with other dogs in a household. However it is important to keep in mind that Weims have a strong prey drive and the sight of a cat, or other small pet, may be just too must to resist!


Your Weim will probably be fearless, obedient and friendly. If well trained it is arguable that there can be no better dog. Weimaraners are very protective of their owners. It is worth remembering that this is a pet that will not respond well to being caged up all day long.

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