Winter Dog Clothes

Winter is here and the Christmas shopping season is about to begin. This is the coldest of seasons, and set to be another cold winter, so you have to protect your dog from the weather.

Even though your dog has fur, you still have to keep it warm! Just because it has fur, it does not mean there's no need to clothe it. Smaller and hairless breed of dogs tend to feel cold more than other dogs, but regardless of the breed, your dog can surely use some extra warmth this winter. Here's our breakdown on winter dog clothes.

There are many types of dog clothes for winter. Aside from the warmth, you dog will look fashionable and stylish too! There are various designs, patterns and styles for winter dog clothes, so there's plenty of choice!

Here's a quick introduction to the type of winter dog clothes that your pooch may really be grateful of during the cold weeks and months.

Dog jumpers

Dog sweaters (or dog jumpers) can be a good option for winter dog clothes. If there is no snow yet or if you want to control the chill, you can let your dog wear a sweater. Sweaters can be made in pull overs, button ups and zip ups. Dog sweaters can keep your dog warm without sweating, so that it can be worn indoors too.

Hooded dog sweatshirts

If you have rain or snow in your area, a hooded sweatshirt for your dog is the right choice of clothing. These come in different thickness that will cater to your needs. The best thing about the hooded sweatshirts is that the hood will cover the ears of your dogs which is particularly important in areas with lots or rain or snow.

Double up with a coat

If you live in a place where the winter is particularly cold, you can let your dog wear a thin hooded sweatshirt and add a layer of dog coat on top. That way, your dog can have plenty of protection from the cold and its ears are covered too. The warmth will make your dog feel comfortable even during the very cold weather with this extra layer of insulation.


Us human love to wear fleeces when the temperature drops - there's nothing quite like a snug fleece jacket or coat to keep us warm in winter. One piece of winter dog clothing we recommend is a fleece dog coat. A great insulator and stylish in appearance too.

Dog boots!

Aside from the winter dog clothes that dogs can wear, there's also winter footwear that you can consider. We humans will not walk barefoot in the snow or in the rain, right? We want to keep the paws of our beloved dogs warm and dry. Letting them wear socks or booties should do the trick.

When you are going to walk outside with your dog, let it wear boots. But keep in mind, that getting used to the boots can take a while! We've got page dedicated to dog boots where you can find out even more about them.

Winter dog clothes and footwear come in different designs. Just mind your budget when shopping for your dog, as prices vary massively from store to store, depending on what clothes you are buying. There are many styles that will work well with your dog, making them look good, cute, and adorable - but most of all - warm!

By choosing the right winter dog clothes and following our tips on keeping your dog warm in winter, you and your dog can enjoy the cold weather in all it's wintery glory!

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