Bathing Yorkshire Terriers

This article breaks down the art of bathing your Yorkshire Terrier. It can be difficult to bath dogs with longer coats. If you follow this article, then this task should become much easier.

  • Make sure that the surface you are washing your Yorkie on is not slippery. So for example, line your sink with a towel
  • Put cotton wool in your Yorkshire Terrier's ears. Place one drop of mineral oil in each of its eyes
  • Make sure that your Yorkie is wet through with warm water
  • Apply shampoo to the back of the dog's head and gently work the shampoo down his back and to the end of his tail
  • Give the shampoo a couple of minutes to do its' magic. Keep talking to your dog to reduce any stress it may be suffering
  • Rinse the dog off. Spray the water in the direction that the hair flows (e.g. down his back.) Don't forget under his tummy and the underside of his tail
  • Don't make your dog sit under a running tap, use a plastic vessel. This is especially important for people who may own a combi-boiler as these can run very hot or very cold without warning
  • To clean the dog's face, work some shampoo into a lather in your hands (tearless shampoo please) the gentle rub this around the ears and muzzle. Rinse the water away when done
  • Remove any mucous from the eyes
  • Apply conditioner as you did the shampoo and then rinse. Make sure that all the conditioner is rinsed out as otherwise all manner of dirt and dust will be attracted to your Yorkie
  • Squeeze out any excess water and then dry your dog with a towel. If you don't completely dry your Yorkie they could get ill
  • Simple as that!
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