Yorkshire Terrier Facts

Here are some carefully complied Yorkshire Terrier facts for you to digest. Have a read and amaze your friends with your brilliant Yorkshire Terrier facts!

  • Yorkshire Terriers have only been around as a breed for about 140 years and were created by humans
  • Yorkies are cleaver little beasts. They are quick to learn and because of that, they are fairly easy to train
  • If you are buying a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, look at the parent dogs and see if they have shy or nervous dispositions - this can be a bad sign!
  • How much food your Yorkie needs will depend on its' age and activity level. Older, slower dogs will require less food
  • Yorkshire Terriers have higher metabolism rates then larger dogs, but their mouths are smaller. For this reason make sure that you buy high quality dog food that is available in small chunks
  • Most Yorkies have a single coat and although the hair is often long, it doesn't provide complete protection from the cold weather. In colder climates, you may want to consider a dog coat
  • If you keep the hair of your Yorkie long, but don't tie it back the you may have a dog that has its vision impeded
  • A Yorkshire Terrier's hair will continue to grow and so it is important that you have the time and dedication to look after them properly
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