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If your dog suffers from itchy, sensitive skin, this may be due to fleas or mites, which can be removed with an appropriate treatment, or to allergies to pollens, grasses or even the detergent used to wash their dog bed. However, some dogs may simply have sensitive, itchy skin, just as many humans do!

Luckily, there are ways to help boost the health of your dog's skin and make it more resilient. This can help reduce the scratching, licking and rubbing, leaving your dog feeling more comfortable and contented.

One of the best supplements for dogs with itchy skin is YuDERM Itching Dog.

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What is YuDERM Itching Dog?

Previously known as YuMEGA Itchy Dog, YuDERM Itching Dog is a liquid supplement that's simply added to your dog's food, for minimum fuss and maximum convenience!

YuDERM Itching Dog contains a mixture of high-quality ingredients formulated to calm, soothe and nourish your dog's skin, reducing the itching and sensitivity that makes dogs scratch, lick and rub their skin.

  • Starflower (Borage) Oil: rich in GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which reduces inflammation and also improves skin barrier function, helping to prevent dryness
  • Golden Flax Oil: rich in Omega 3, which nourishes and calms the skin and nourishes the coat, reducing moulting
  • Salmon Oil and Purified Fish Oil: rich in Omega 3, and in Omega 6, which soothes and moisturises the skin, reducing itchiness
  • Plant-derived Vitamin E: rich in antioxidants and vital for maintaining the skin's defences

How to feed YuDERM Itching Dog

As with all supplements or dietary changes, it's best to introduce Lintbells' YuDERM Itching Dog into your dog's diet gradually. For the first week, it's recommended that you give your dog just half the usual dose, or, if they're under 5kg, one pump every other day.

YuDERM Itching Dog comes in a pump container which dispenses 2ml of delicious oil per pump. It's easy to use; simply pump the correct dose over your dog's food.

Recommended daily doses are:

  • Very Small Dog (up to 5kg) - 1 Pump
  • Small Dog (5 -10kg) - 2 Pumps
  • Medium Dog (11-20kg) - 3 Pumps
  • Large Dog (21-30kg) - 4 Pumps
  • Very Large Dog (31-40kg) - 5 Pumps
  • Over 40kg - 6 Pumps

Our recommended YuDERM Itching Dog product

Our recommended YuDERM Itching Dog Product is this YuDERM Itching Dog 500ml pump, currently on sale on Amazon at a great price, with free delivery. This product also comes with the Lintbells 60-day Money Back See the Difference Guarantee: "See the difference in 60 days or your money back."

  • Allergen-free
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Made from high quality cold-pressed oils
  • Promotes skin, coat and nail health

Reviewers love how well this product works, how glossy their dogs' coats are, and the fact that this formulation doesn't give their dogs fishy breath! Most dogs seem to love the taste, too - and those that show no preference still happily eat their food dosed with this supplement.

Frequently asked questions about YuDerm Itching Dog

How long does YuDERM Itching Dog take to work?

As it's a supplement rather than a treatment for direct application, you shouldn't expect instant results. Reviewers have found that improvement is gradual, with some effect often seen after several days, and that the full effects are seen after a few weeks.

Why is my dog itchy?

There can be many reasons why a dog is itchy, including parasites, infections and allergies. Several pedigree breeds, including Cocker Spaniels, Retrievers, Poodles and West Highland White Terriers, are particularly prone to skin disorders.

If you notice your dog begin to scratch, bite, rub or lick their skin persistently, try to exclude causes such as fleas and mites, and take them to the vet if the itching persists. If your dog has severe allergies, strong prescription medications may be needed to get symptoms under control.

However, for less severe symptoms, many reviewers have found that YuDERM Itching Dog works so well that it can replace more expensive prescription treatments.

How often will I need to buy more YuDERM Itching Dog?

This depends on the size of your dog and the pack size you buy. YuDERM Itching Dog is available in 250ml and 500ml pack sizes, and each pump is 2ml. The dosing details above will allow you to work out how much your dog will need every day, and how long a pack will last.

Amazon offer YuDerm Itching Dog on their Subscribe and Save scheme. This allows you to save up to 15% by subscribing to regular deliveries and gives you the reassurance of a regular supply. Your subscription can be cancelled, and the frequency and quantity changed, at any time (unless a delivery is imminent) - there's no obligation.

Calm skin for a contented dog

Is your dog suffering from flaky, itchy, sensitive or irritated skin? Then why not give YuDERM Itching Dog a try? It comes highly-recommended by vets, and by buying YuDerm Itching Dog on Amazon, you can try it at a great price - safe in the knowledge that if you don't see a difference, you can claim your money back with Lintbell's 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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