biOrb Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Loving Your Pet explores the round world of biOrb.

A fish is as healthy as the water it swims in and leading the way in aquatic technology is biOrb - the aquarium system that appears to be scaling new heights.

What's so special about biOrb?

What makes biOrb such an attractive option for fish enthusiasts is its smart filtration system. Using a combination of mechanical and chemical filtration, biOrb fish tanks not only look good, they are easy to maintain.

The secrets in the biOrb filtration system

The filtration system itself is housed in a replaceable cartridge which forms the base of the tank. The spherical design has transcended the conventional square tanks and is said to encourage better oxygenation. The filter breaks down floating fish poo, turning harmful ammonia into more manageable levels of nitrate.

About the biOrb cartridge system

As explained a little earlier, the filter works both mechanically and chemically - mechanically by removing debris from the tank and chemically by using resin particles and buffer compounds (the later helping to maintain a healthy pH balance). The biOrb replaceable cartridge takes care of both of these important processes and needs to be changed about every six weeks, provided good husbandry has been maintained.

The power of bubbles

Because a biOrb tank is globular, there is a limited surface for breaking bubbles to oxygenate on, to remedy this, the biOrb relies on a mechanical aeration system. Air bubbles encourage water movement within the tank and help power filtration.

A biOrb for everyone

If you're considering purchasing a biOrb fish tank, you will be pleased to know that there is plenty of choice. Whether you're interested in a smaller, starter tank, or you would prefer a larger sixteen gallon aquarium, you'll find a variety of shapes and sizes available on the market, either online or at your local aquatics centre. A real bonus for biOrb, is the fact it's made from acrylic and not glass - making it a lot lighter and less fragile.

What comes with a biOrb tank?

BiOrb tanks come with a filter cartridge, air pump, water conditioner, halogen light and even fish food - the only other things you'll need to think about are your decorations, and of course, the fish themselves! Setting up the biOrb usually takes at least twenty-four hours to allow for water treatment. The pH level must be tested prior to introducing your fish to ensure you have created a safe environment for them to live in. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Advice on decorating your biOrb

We'll start with some words of caution, be careful with what you add to the tank. Foreign or found objects may harbour bacteria or contain toxins that could harm your fish, they might also break-down over time. Surprisingly, even some natural materials such as wood and coral could change the pH balance for the worse. Finally, be careful not to add objects with sharp or rough edges.

Your showpiece biOrb

BiOrb fish tanks make for a wonderful attraction in any room. Creating a mood for your biOrb can be achieved with different colour substrates and maybe be even living plants. It's worth noting that gravel substrates encourage healthy bacteria and living plants act as natural filters. As much as half of the biOrb bed should provide cover and hiding for your fish to help reduce their stress.

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