How To Choose a Leopard Gecko

As we've already said, geckos make good pets. If you've decided to make the plunge and buy a leopard gecko, you'll need to make sure you choose the right one for you. Here's a quick guide.

What size should I choose?

If you are looking for a long-lived gecko it's best to buy one that is immature. Try and choose a leopard gecko that is under 6 inches long - that way it's likely to be under one year old. If it's your first gecko then it's probably best to choose a gecko at least 4 inches long rather than a hatchling as they are incredibly delicate.

Should I buy a male or female leopard gecko?

Whether you choose a female or male gecko, they both make good pets. Males geckos can be slightly more placid but generally it doesn't make much difference. If you want to breed your leopard geckos, you will only need one male for every 10-20 females. Also, it's important to remember that more that one mature male geckos should not be kept together.

Which variety of leopard gecko should I buy?

The main objective is to choose a leopard gecko variety (or morph) that you find the most pleasing to look at. Whichever you think is the most stunning or beautiful is probably the one you should choose.

How many leopard geckos should I buy?

Like many other reptiles, leopard geckos do not necessarily need the company of others to live a happy life. A single leopard gecko will be just fine.

If you do want more that one, it is important to remember that male leopard geckos should not live together. Females can live happily together on the other hand.

How to choose a healthy leopard gecko

It's obviously important when choosing a new leopard gecko that it's fit and healthy. This will make more easier maintenance and less problems. Whilst there is only so much you can tell via your own examinations, here's a few pointers to improve your chances of buying a leopard gecko:

  • Ask whoever is selling the leopard gecko if you can see it up close. It should be alert and bright-eyed. Try and look at the gecko's vent (bum) - it should appear clean and flush.
  • Examine the gecko's fingers and toes. They should all be in good, even shape with no swelling.
  • When the gecko has it's mouth closed, it's jaws should be flush and even.
  • The body should be smooth with a rounded tail and the hip bone outline should not be visible.
  • The gecko's eyes should be equally sized.
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