Choosing an Enclosure for a Leopard Gecko

If you are buying a new gecko, you'll need an enclosure for the little fella. Here's a quick guide on choosing an enclosure for your little leopard.

For reptiles, the most commonly sold enclosure are glass tanks with screen tops called vivariums. Another choice is a glass chance with a sliding front which makes for slightly easier maintenance.

The size of the leopard gecko enclosure is entirely up to you. A large vivarium makes viewing your beautiful leopard gecko much easier. Just remember that for a single gecko, your enclosure should be at least 10 gallons in volume.

Whilst geckos are unlikely to climb out of an open-top enclosure it is highly recommended to have a screened cover. This also makes it easy to place lights on the top of the vivarium and of course will keep out any other inquisitive pets or children you might have!

The best place to buy a vivarium is a local reputable pet shop. However with modern technology there are a huge number of specialist reptiles supply website that you can look at too.

For more detailed information read our guide on buying vivariums for sale. We've also got a great introduction to housing a leopard gecko.

There's numerous other options other than vivariums to use as leopard gecko enclosures like tanks, terrariums and cages. A vivarium however is the most suitable and safe way of housing your leopard gecko.

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