Leopard Gecko Shelters and Hideouts

Geckos are nocturnal creatures and in the wild like to remain out of sight from predators under rocks or in burrows. It's important that the same is provided for pet leopard geckos at home. Here is a guide to providing your gecko with shelters and hideouts.

How many hides should my gecko have?

Ideally a gecko enclosure should have at least two or three hides. For the perfect arrangement, one hide should be placed in a warm position, another in a cool position and another in a moist position.

Why do leopard geckos need places to hide?

Vivarium shelters help provide your gecko with safe places to hide and ensure they feel comfortable and stress-free in their habitat. It also allows them to hide from light as they are nocturnal.

What gecko shelter should I buy?

There are loads of options when it comes to supplying your gecko with places to hide. Whether it's stones, rocks, branches or plants, there's plenty available both in pet shops and on the internet.

Many gecko shelters and hideouts are artificially made but with a natural looking appearance such as concreate or plastic imitation caves or rocks. Another option is to buy a natural product like dried wood, cork bark or small rocks. This may add that little extra natural look to your leopard gecko's vivarium.

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Always ensure that whatever accessory, shelter or hideout you choose for your gecko is non-toxic. If you aren't sure just ask at the time of buying.

Making your own gecko shelter or hide

Your imagination can run wild if you choose to make your own hides for your gecko. The options are endless. Whether it's an upside down plastic box with a door cut out of it, or an elaborately arranged series of slates stuck together with cement to form a cave, it's entirely up to you!

TIP: If you are going to use a shelter that is heavy, ensure it is positioned firmly and not likely to tip or fall over.

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