Cheap Guinea Pig Hutches

If you are looking to buy a cheap guinea pig hutch it is important you are careful about what you choose. Cheap guinea pig hutches can sometimes be very poorly constructed and may be too small for you pigs. By following our advice on buying a cheap guinea pig hutch you might save some money, safely.

The price of a guinea pig hutch should be the last thing on your mind when you buy one. Firstly you should make sure the quality and size are okay to help ensure your guinea pig can live in it happily and healthily.

Try the shops

Your first port of call could be to look at some local garden centres or pet shops. You might be surprised by some special offers or sales. You might find that the hand made hutches are more expensive, but often they are better quality. Garden centres often sell cheap guinea pig hutches unlike national pet shop chains.

Cheap hutches online

With the wonders of the internet there will be loads of online shops to buy cheap guinea pig hutches from. Try eBay or Amazon, you never know what you might find. But again, make sure you know the size and quality first. Shopping around online is sure to help you find some bargain guinea pig hutches.

Basically, shop around!

Second hand guinea pig hutches

Another way of finding a cheap guinea pig hutch is by looking through shop windows or local newspapers and magazines. You might find someone trying to sell their guinea pig hutch at a reduced price. You can always ask to have a look at the hutch before you buy it to get a feel for the quality. Be careful here.

If you buy a second hand guinea pig hutch look out for wear at tear on and around the walls, floors and frame. Ensure it is clean also. If you buy it, give it a good disinfect and scrub before opening it's doors to you piggy!

Avoid cheap hutches if you can!

You must remember that a cheap guinea pig hutch is normally just that. Many are too small or of poor quality. By following our tips or doing your research though, you might just find a cheap hutch just perfect for your cavy.

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