Folding Guinea Pig Runs

Guinea pigs need space to run and play to maintain good physical and mental health. But guinea pig runs can be bulky, heavy and awkward to move around. A folding guinea pig run can make life easier, as they can be folded away when not required. When it's exercise time, your folding guinea pig run can quickly be unfolded and assembled, giving Gertie and Gordon a safe space to play!

Why your guinea pig needs a run

Your guinea pigs need plenty of space to burrow, hide and run. In the wild they're very active, particularly at night. Some species are very able climbers, scrambling up rocks and low shrubs. Giving your piggies the facilities and space they need to exhibit their natural behaviours helps to keep them happy and healthy.

A fold up guinea pig run provides a safe and convenient area for your adorable rodents to run around in, without the need to permanently section off a large area of your house or garden for a guinea pig zone.

Features of a folding guinea pig run

Besides, of course, being folding or collapsible, these runs usually has one or more access doors or roof panels. It should be quite lightweight so that it's easy to move around and assemble/collapse in the house or in the garden. A folding guinea pig run is easier to store than a conventional one, and easier to transport if you're:

  • Moving house
  • Going on holiday
  • Taking Gordon for a visit
  • taking Gertie to the guinea pig sitter's house!

Choosing the right folding run

To find the right folding guinea pig run for you, your home and your piggies, consider:


How much space do you have for the run, both when it's erected and when it's stored? How many guinea pigs do you have? For one small guinea pig, a small folding run of 4ft or less will be fine. But look for a large guinea pig run if you have two or more guinea pigs, so that they can give each other some space!


While a rectangular folding guinea pig run is the norm, you can also buy square or triangular runs. Choosing the right shape may help you fit the run into a space you hadn't considered.


A folding guinea pig run will have side access, roof access or both, so think about where the run will be, and the easiest places to access it when popping your piggies in or taking them out.

Indoor use, outdoor use or both?

If you're going to use the run outside, even occasionally, ensure the run you choose is suitable for outdoor use. Folding guinea pig runs aren't cheap, so buy a model that's sturdy, well-made, and designed for the area it will be in. Make sure wooden runs are made of strong timbers and that outdoor runs are waterproofed.

Several companies produce folding guinea pig runs, including The Hutch Company, Bunny Business and VivaPet. If you find the choice overwhelming, it can be helpful to seek the true opinions of people who have bought runs and used them for a while! Read folding guinea pig run reviews to find out which runs stand the test of time and prove easy to use, access, assemble, collapse and store.

Our top pick for folding guinea pig runs

Here in the UK, we think the best folding guinea pig run currently on the market is The Hutch Company Canterbury Folding Guinea Pig Run. This bestseller has great reviews, and it's easy to see why.

  • Sturdy: It's constructed using Scandinavian timber and 1" x ½" galvanised wire, and made in Great Britain
  • Sustainable: The timber used is sustainable; the manufacturer plants two trees for every one cut down
  • Weatherproof: this run is weatherproofed with an animal safe, water-based, wood preservative, protecting it against rain and sun
  • Accessible: hinged top opening and two side doors
  • Value for money: available at a good price, with free delivery, on Amazon
  • Easy to assemble and transport: reviewers love how easy it is to assemble, collapse and transport this run

Frequently asked questions

How do I make my own folding guinea pig run?

If you're good at DIY, you may have considered building your own folding guinea pig run. It's important to use good quality materials and of course, the safety of your guinea pig is paramount! Make sure there are no sharp edges - and no holes or flexible areas that a determined piggie could squeeze through. There are YouTube videos that can help make a basic guinea pig run, and also this Wikihow guide of how to make a guinea pig run, but making a folding guinea pig run that's easily transportable is an extra challenge! Unless you have plenty of skill and time, buying a custom-made run is much simpler.

How do I assemble my run?

Assembly is usually quite simple, but always follow the instructions carefully and allow plenty of space and time to do it, especially on your first attempt.

Can other small animals use a folding guinea pig run?

Yes. They're suitable for other small animals and rodents such as rabbits, rats and hamsters.

Still not sure which run to buy?

If you're still undecided on the best folding guinea pig run or can't narrow down your shortlist, then search for 'folding guinea pig runs on Amazon'. You'll be able to see a wide range of available models and read reviews from owners who have tried and tested the runs that have caught your eye. Then all you need to do is purchase your favourite and await piggie happiness!

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