Guinea Pig Breeds

There are lots of breeds of guinea pigs and all are just as suitable as each other as pets. They vary in colour, hair, appearance and temperament. Here is our quick guide to the different breeds of guinea pigs.

Short-haired guinea pig breeds


As the name suggest, these guinea pigs have a slightly shiny satin sheen to their fur. It is believed that the sheen is due to their hair being slightly transparent and so reflects some light. Nowadays, satin guine pigs can also be long-haired following their popularity in breeding.


Rex guinea pigs are a short-haired which look a lot like teddy bears! Very popular amongst guinea pig owners, they a lovely crinkled and slightly frizzy coat. Their hair normally stands on end all over their body. Very cute!

Rough-coated guinea pig breeds


The Abyssinian is a rough-coated breed of guinea pig that often has lots of whirls and twirls in their coat. These are called rosettes. Many Abyssinian guinea pigs have rosette in their neck which gives them an amusing expression when you look at their face!

Smooth-coated guinea pig breeds


Dutch guinea pigs are usually black and white with marking and 'splodges' similar to Friesian cows. Their faces look a little bit like pandas! Normally the head is coloured the same as the rump with a white middle.


Himalayan guinea pigs have very similar fur to that of Siamese cats, and normally have dark red eyes. Their coat is usually white all over with dark feet and ears.


Crested guinea pigs are becoming popular amongst pet owners. They have one rosette on their head. Crested guinea pigs are classified as either American or English. American crested guinea pigs sport a rosette which is a different colour to their body - normally white. English crested guinea pigs have the same coloured rosette as their body.


Agouti guinea pigs have hair which looks like that of a rabbit. The tips and roots of their hair are different colours, much like someone who has had their hair dyed!

Long-coated breeds


Peruvian guinea pigs have very long hair which often even spills across their forehead giving them very cute little curtains. Their fur can get so long that sometimes it is hard to tell which end is the front and which is the back!


Coronet guinea pigs have long hair which flows towards the rear of their body and normally touch the ground. Quite often they will have a centre parting along their spine - very elegant!

Sheltie or Silkie

Sheltie (or Silkie) guinea pigs are very similar to the Peruvian breed except that the hair on their head sweep backwards rather than forwards.

Rare guinea pig breeds

There are a number of less common breeds of guinea pigs. Some of these are:

  • Roan
  • English Merino
  • Hairless
  • Argenti
  • Magpie
  • Harlequin
  • Texel
  • Ridgeback
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