Guinea Pig Pregnancy

Pregnant guinea pigs need care and attention to help them through their gestation. Guinea pigs pregnancy normally lasts between 60 and 75 days. Here is our guide to guinea pig pregnancy.

Hopefully your guinea pig is only pregnant because you are responsibly and carefully undertaking guinea pig breeding.

How to tell if your guinea pig is pregnant

There are a number of signs that a guinea pig is pregnant which will help you find out.

  • The sow will begin to drink more water than normal if she is pregnant. This isn't usually right from the start but around 3-4 weeks into the pregnancy.
  • A pregnant guinea pig will obviously put on weight during pregnancy although this can sometimes be hard to tell.
  • At around 4 weeks into a guinea pig's pregnancy the sow's abdomen and lower sides will become more firm than usual. This is to prepare for the birth to come!
  • Nothing is set in stone until you can feel the young that are inside the pregnant guinea pig. To do this, place the sow on your lap and gently feel her abdomen with your thumb and first finger.

What to do you when you know your guinea pig is pregnant

Once you know that your sow in successfully pregnant it's a good idea to supply a calcium supplement a few times a week. There are also supplements like Raspberry Tablets available from pet shops. The best thing to do is seek advice from your vet!

Avoid handling the pregnant guinea pig too much. If you need to remove her from her hutch or cage to clean it, life her gently and provide plenty of support with your hand to her now large underside!

If your pregnant guinea pig normally shares her living quarters with another sow, it's a good idea to put her back in there. If she is the only sow, then she can stay with the boar until about a week before she is due to give birth to her litter. A boar can easily trample on the litter accidentally.

Pregnant guinea pig care tips

It is important to keep an eye on your pregnant guinea pig. It's always good to ensure you don't notice over-lethargic behaviour, vaginal discharge or dribbling from the mouth. If you see any of these warning signs or anything else of concern, speak to your vet immediately.

When it's time for your guinea pig to give birth it's useful to know what is involved. Trying reading our page about guinea pigs giving birth.

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