Guinea pig water bottles

Just like us, guinea pigs need water. It's important that guinea pigs have a constant supply of fresh water to help them live happily and healthily. The most practical way of ensuring your guinea pig stays hydrated is by using a water bottle.

A drinking water bottle for a guinea pig is normally attached to the side of the hutch or cage. The water bottle should be attached at the right height for your guinea pig to stroll over and drink from it comfortably!

Water bottles for guinea pigs typically feature a metal sipping tube attached to the bottom of a clear plastic bottle, which come in different sizes. Normally it's a ball bearing inside the bottle that controls the flow when your guinea pig is drinking from it.

TIP! Many guinea pig owners will have two water bottles available. This is to ensure that if one leaks or stops dispensing water, the other is there to continue to provide water, day and night.

Choosing a water bottle

Firstly it's important to choose the right size - one which you can attach to the side of your cage easily at the right height for your guinea pig. A water bottle that's too big might not fit to the side of your guinea pig's cage!

Just like many other things, you tend to get what you pay for when buying a water bottle for your cavy. Be sure to go for quality as it's an important part of your guinea pig's health. Don't end up with a leaky, dangerous or bad quality water bottle just to save a few pence.

There's a fantastic range of water bottles available on Amazon.

Important advice

Your guinea pig's water bottle should be emptied and refilled every day. This is to ensure the water is as fresh as possible and isn't left 'standing' for too long.

At least once a week you should also empty the water bottle and clean it out to make sure it's free from grime and algae on the inside. You can do this using a simple guinea pig water bottle brush. If your guinea pig's water bottle becomes dirty quickly, then it's probably because you aren't cleaning it out often enough.

Why choose a water bottle?

You don't have to choose a water bottle for your guinea pig. Many guinea pig owners choose a bowl rather than a bottle, but in our experience a bottle is better because a bowl can be knocked over and easily 'wee-d' or 'pooped' in.

A water bottle will keep water fresh for longer and can't be spilt everywhere! It's amazing how quickly it will fill up with food, hay and other debris, making it difficult for your guinea pig to drink safely from.

It's also a good idea to inspect the nozzle (or tube) to see that it's still dispensing water okay.

TIP! Place a small ceramic bowl under your water bottle to catch any stray drips. This will help to prevent damp build up underneath the bottle. Just be sure your guinea pig can still reach the sipper!

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