Guinea Pig Lifespan and Coping With Death

This article gives you information about how long your guinea pig is likely to live and how you and others might be affected after your pet has gone.

How long will my Guinea Pig live for?

Most guinea pigs will live for around 7 years. Please bear in mind that this is only an average and your pig may live for a shorter or longer period. Guinea pigs, for their relative size and weight live for a long time compared to many other small pets, so the decision to buy one must not be taken lightly.

When Your Pig Passes

The death of a guinea pig, like any animal, is always a sad time. We grow attached to our pets and any pet that is with you for around 7 years becomes part of the family. So when you pig trots off to the veg patch in the sky it is only natural that you will grieve for him. You may even have feelings of guilt if you have had to have him put to sleep, but rest assured that you have done the right thing.

However don't forget that his cage mates will also feel the loss. Guinea pigs, as we know, are social creatures and will miss a departed companion. There may be sullenness around the cage, it is not unheard of for other pigs in the stud to become ill as a result of the loss. So whilst you will be missing your lost pig, don't forget to cherish the ones that you still have!

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