How To Make Your Own Guinea Pig Toys

Making your own guinea pig toys is fun and cheap. You don't have to spend a fortune on guinea pig toys so why not try the homemade variety? Here is our guide on how to make your own guinea pig toys!

Paper Ball Surprise

This one is easy and is great fun for your guinea pig. Simply find a blank piece of paper (ink may be toxic to your guinea pigs). Place a small treat in the middle and scrunch the paper up into a ball. This homemade guinea pig toy will be an instant hit - your pigs will roll it around, chew it and pull it apart. It shouldn't take long for your guinea pig to reveal the magic treat inside!

Paper Bag Snug

Making your own guinea pig paper bag toy is very quick and the results are fun. Just find a paper bag, remove the handles, stuff some hay inside and lay on it's side in the cage. Your guinea pigs will love hiding in and darting to and from this snug little toy.

Shoebox Silliness!

If you have an empty shoebox or cardboard box going spare, then making this into a guinea pig toy is simple. Simply place some hay inside, and cut out one or more holes in the sides as entrances and exits. Your guinea pigs will love to scuttle in and out of this homemade hideout. You can also hide some treats in there too! It's important that guinea pigs have a place to hide - it's a natural instinct of theirs. Find out more about guinea pig hides.

Tunnel Time

Using cardboard boxes, old cardboard tubes or old plastic plumbing pipes, you can create a network of tunnels for your guinea pigs. Using your imagination you can vary the layout to help make it stimulating and exciting. Your guinea pigs will love this mini-maze of homemade guinea pig tunnels!

However if you don't have time to make your own guinea pig toys, or you are looking for something more fancy, then check out our recommended guinea pig toys.

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