What Should I Feed my Guinea Pig?

This article aims to help you understand what foods are perfect for your pet guinea pig and what foods are unsuitable. There are many things that look like they should be suitable for your piggie but are not. So how do you make sure you are giving your pig the right food and a balanced diet? Read on... that's how...

Dry Food

There are many specialist guinea pig foods out there on the market and any one of these is fine. They often range in price, but they generally hit all the important food groups. They will include dry foods such as split peas. Don't be concerned if your pig decides that he doesn't like everything in the dry food mix, you might want to try a different brand in this instance.

Try not to overfeed your guinea pig on dry food. Whilst it is tempting to leave a bowl full of dry food in with the pig all day so that you know he will have had enough, this is not the best strategy. Perhaps a small amount in a morning or evening is best. This can be supplemented with fresh food.

Also beware of the sunflower seed! You pet pig will love these, but when they chew on them it is not uncommon for the sheath around the seeds to splinter and become lodged in the roof of the pig's mouth. Some dry foods do contain sunflower seeds, but there are almost always crushed.

Fresh Food

Guinea pigs know what they love, and boy do they love their fresh fruit and vegetables. Hard veg, such as carrots are good for the teeth and soft veggies, such as spinach are a good source of vitamin C.

If you are going to feed your guinea pig apples the make sure you don't give your pig more then a quarter of an apple per day, as apples have acid in them. Also make sure you cut into them so your pig has a hard edge to gnaw on!

Most fruit and vegetables are good for your guinea pig but do avoid any veg that grows from a bulb (e.g. leeks, garlic or onions.) Also steer clear of potatoes and rhubarb (and the leaves from these plants)


Hay aids the digestion of your guinea pig and without it your pet piggie could become ill. Please make sure that the hay you provide is clean and dry. Also it is not uncommon for any part of the hay to get lodged in a guinea pigs eye, so regularly check your pig and take immediate action if this happens.

Remember - hay also makes a great bedding for guinea pigs.

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