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So, if you love pet hamsters, then this is the place to be. Our little furry friends make brilliant pets. Hamsters are really great creatures, and this section is devoted to them! Find hamster photos, hamster information, hamster articles, hamster information and much, much more. Get you nibblers into the hamster articles listed below, or use the hamster links dotted around the page. Puff your cheeks and enjoy!

About Hamsters

Hamsters are small rodents and are very popular as pets. They are clean and affordable, and can make a great companion.

Hamsters belong to the rodent family, and live in the wild in Central Asia. They carry their food in their cheeks, and are nocturnal creatures. There are over 20 breeds of hamsters, and can often be very sociable little bundles.

To find out more about our hamster friends, have a nibble at some really cool hamster facts.

Hamster Carriers

Hamster carriers must be secure, ventilated, made from non-toxic materials and large enough for your hamster. Find out which hamster carrier we recommend and why.

The Syrian Hamster Breed

The Syrian (or Golden) hamster breed is a popular choice when it comes to a cute and cuddly pet. Here is a quick introduction to the Syrian hamster breed.

Hamster Wheels

Hamster wheels help to provide your hamster with the exercise it needs. There's plenty to choose from when buying a hamster wheel so here's a quick introduction for you.

How to Train a Hamster

Believe it or not, you can train your hamster to do certain things like perform tricks. It takes a little patience but it's great fun. Here is a quick guide on how to train your hamster.

The Appearance of a Hamster

The anatomy and appearance of hamsters is something of great beauty. This article explains the appearance and features of hamsters so you can appreciate what they are all about.

Cheap Hamster Cages

A cheap hamster cage will no doubt save you some money if you are buying one. You should always consider the suitability and quality as well as the price. Here are some tips on buying a cheap hamster cage.

Dwarf Russian Hamsters

Dwarf Russian hamsters are a really popular breed among hamster owners. They make great pets and companions and are relatively easy to care for too. Here is an introduction to dwarf Russian hamsters.

Introduction to Hamsters

Hamsters are great little furry creatures. They are small, cute, fascinating and friendly. Our introduction to hamsters will tell you about their diet, appearance, behaviour and more!

Top Hamster Toys

Hamsters just love to play! By buying a hamster toy for your fluffy friend you are sure to give them hours of enjoyment and stimulation. Here you will find out about the best hamster toys around.

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